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  • atlaz

    I’ve seen some good deals on TS8s and Durin forks and I need some 100-120mm forks for my hardtail. I’m not finding many recent reviews, does anyone have them and how are they?

    Katie’s been riding them at 100mm on her bike for a couple of years and they’ve been great – still, reliable, plush.

    The SL has a very firm start to the stroke. The race (strangely) is much plusher.

    b r

    I ran Thors for 3 years, really stiff and supple but a bit dive-y – and I’ve only realised how much after moving to Revs.

    Had Durin (I think) forks on one bike for 7 years. I say I think because the stickers are long gone but the forks are excellent. All I do is adjust the pressure every now and again.
    I removed the Albert lock out because I really didn’t notice any difference and it was superfluous.
    I don’t have many forks to compare them with but they handle the knocks, well built and are reliable. I’ve known people pay a lot for top end forks that have failed meanwhile I’m still on the trails. Would buy again.


    I’ve got some TS6’s on a demo bike and they’ve been excellent.

    Premier Icon giantjason

    I had some magura thors in the past which were one of the best forks I had. However as said about mine were a bit divy and to eliminate this meant having to compromise on other fork characteristics.


    Merlin has SID RL and Reba RLT for roughly the same price I can get the Magura TS8. Magura still worth it?

    Premier Icon nickc

    Had some 2010 Thors. They were/are designed as a very stiff (twin arch and 20mm hub) fork for thrashing downhill as fast as you dared, at which they were some of the best forks about. I set them up for my riding weight, and then either used the Fat Albert thing as an when it was required, very light for their travel as well They were pretty much maintenance free.


    I’ve got some 2010 Durins and think they’re very good – light, stiff and effective damping. It takes some trial and error to set the correct air pressure but once you’ve got this dialled for your weight and riding style it isn’t a problem.

    While Magura advise you send the forks to them for servicing I’ve always done it myself and haven’t found it difficult. I’d buy them again particularly if I was after a lightwight xc fork without spending crazy money.

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