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  • Premier Icon molgrips

    We bought a Pinnacle Kauri for my daughter who is only 135cm. It’s a 26er but made like a small adult 29er, so the standover etch is much lower. But there’s plenty of room to grow. It’s a very nice bike too, but rigid only.

    Does he need suspension? Depends how he wants to ride.

    Premier Icon andy4d

    I have read various threads on here about kids bikes, which have helped so thanks. I am still unsure what to get my youngest though.

    He will be 10 soon and is 147cm so seems to fall between 24″ (seem to go up to 145/150 cm)and 26″ (seem to be from 150/155cm) wheel sizes. I have had him on a few 24″ bikes and they look fine but i feel they have little room to grow. Trouble is I can’t find any xs 26″ bikes for him to sit on so not sure if they will be too big. Any thoughts/experiences

    He wants to start coming to the trail centre with me but not sure if he will love it or stick with it so thinking of going second hand in case he hates it (but not ruling out new).

    Also do kids need a suspension fork or is it just excess weight, similarly are disc brakes overkill or needed.
    Looked at the usual vodoos/ carrera in Halfords and seen nice looking used felt, cube and trek.
    Sorry for long post…its a minefield

    Premier Icon igm

    Our 6 year old does trail centres on a rigid 20” bike with a little help.
    We rented a full suss bike for the Alps though.

    Our older one had both rigid and full suss at 8. At UK trail centres he only rode the rigid though.

    You don’t need suspension – it can help but equally the weight can hinder.

    My daughter is 10 and 5ft 1. She has outgrown her trek mt220 24 and moved up to her sisters S 26″ Schwinn. An XS 26 would be better but she doesn’t ride that much to justify getting one and she is undergoing a bit of a growth spurt so would soon outgrow it.


    In my experience it seems as if 24″ wheels get out grown fairly rapidly.
    Both my boys moved from 20″ to 26″ wheels. They went directly to a 16″ frame.
    The benefits of going with a 26″ wheel frame is that you can easily change frames and components are all of the readily available and generally cheap second hand if wanted.
    Mine both had front suspension but I changed out things like stock handle bars and seat posts as these are generally made from solid scaffold poles.
    I had disk brakes on the kids bike but purely because that was what I had available in terms of wheels.


    The Pinnacle Kauri is a great little bike! Our daughter was in-between 24″ and 26″ – the choice of this bike was excellent. She feels very confident riding the training loop at Haldon, along with the easier Blue.


    My 7ear old daughter is 144cm and is getting on really well with her Genesis Core 26. We managed to pick up a mint ex-rental bike back in May and her riding has progressed loads over the summer.


    my son “can” ride my 26 hornet but its just a bit too big for him at the moment so he would need an XS with a reach of around 370-380mm

    Can I query why you’re buying a bike for the youngest and not buying a bike for the eldest and cascading?

    Premier Icon tomaso

    My elder went from a Trek 24 inch wheeled Mt220 to a small Cube woman’s bike bought off here via a wanted add. It is nice and light but comes with tokenistic Suntour suspension and I feel could be better without.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    If you are anywhere near the West Midlands we have an XS Canyon you could try. It’s 650b – but I don’t think that makes a lot of difference.

    I’ve swapped the stem for a shorter model and moved the controls a little inboard – and with those mods it fits my son who is 142cm.


    My 10yo is running a small 26″ frame with 24″ wheels and short cranks. Works lovely, it’s a ‘proper’ mountain bike and easy to upgrade when he gets a bit bigger.

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