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  • mildbore

    Yep, I’ll keep on biking until it’s no longer fun, which hopefully will be years yet. Even in my current slow, unfit, inept state I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than on a mountain with my bike. My wife comes with me on my jaunts and goes for a walk while I ride. She says she used to worry about me but now realises if I kill myself at least I would have died happy!(her name isn’t Louise btw)


    Winterizing my Solaris, need to get round to fitting mud tyres but as it’s tubeless it’s a minor faff so might wait a bit.

    I’ve never been happy with the suspension on my 2016 remedy so sent the pike off for a custom tune at J-tech. Great result, it’s like a different fork! Its addictive though, now I’m swapping out the Reaktiv shock for a monarch which is also tuneable.

    Selling my giant lust as it is an in between bike and won’t get much use.

    Loads of riding as I’m off work – a trip to south Wales via Flipboard 417 on the cards for next week.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    the pike off for a custom tune at J-tech.

    What’s that involve then, do you know?



    I believe he modified the shim stack and used a lighter oil in the damper.

    I’m 135 pounds and the pike compression tune was to hard for me. It’s much softer of the top now and I’m enjoying riding my remedy again.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    I can destroy bike components just by looking at them but I have just fitted a OneCompenents EDC to my steerer without to much damage being caused, I gave myself a wee little high five.
    Been managing to get a good steady average of 50-60km per week of MTB riding over our savage Hong Kong summer so looking forward to upping the ante a little as our riding season begins.
    To help me along with this, there s a MTB trip to Chiang Mei in late October and another to Rotorua early next year, that one is shaping up nicely with even a helicopter ride being organized (first for me).


    I never understood the more bikes = more maintenance equation. Surely fewer miles on each bike means the same amount of maintenance overall? Seems to for me.

    Nah. IIRC, there’s a law that states:

    “the chances of having a fully functional bike in the garage is inversely proportional to the number of bikes owned.”

    I don’t pretend to understand it, but there’s more than a little truth in it…!

    Have a kid due in Jan so slowly rationalising the bikes and getting some decent riding in.

    I drifted out of biking when the kids were very young, but I now that they are older, I get 10x the pleasure from riding with them than I ever did before. You have a few years to go, but I truly hope that you get some of the experiences I have ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Off out now. I was going to put on waterproof shorts but probably not necessary – just going to stick a guard on the Trek.

    Premier Icon kayla1

    Mudguards ๐Ÿ™

    a trip to south Wales via Flipboard 417 on the cards for next week.

    This sounds like corporate hell! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I had the most violent crash of my MTBing life a few months back. Lots of rehab and mostly physically functional again but it’s really messed with my head. It was caused by a rather random factor at high speed and now I’m back on the bike it’s a bit greasy, roots covered in leaves etc and I can’t get the fear of random nasty accidents out of my head.

    I’m hoping a few months of gentle high safety margin riding will give me a better perspective on things because it’s very frustrating at the moment.


    ChiefGG..hope you manage to get your head around that ..
    I’m just returning from injury ..the worst I’ve had from mountain biking..but by the same degree not sounding like it’s been anywhere near as serious as yours..
    A few years back I had an off on an “easy” trail ( Lakeside Way , Kielder ) ..which is a fairly wide multi user track ..
    I was taking a 45 degree turn at low speed when the front wheel just washed out ..I landed heavily banging the side of my head on the ground which my helmet took the full impact of ..a 1/4 of an inch the other way and I would have had a wooden stake embedded in my temple area.
    The point I’m trying to make here is that shit sometimes happens with situations that are out of your control and totally unexpected ..get back to riding the way you used to as soon as you can ..the longer you leave it the harder it becomes ..
    I went the other way to you on Sunday in only my second ride back when I probably posted ( don’t do Strava don’t know !) my fastest time coming down off the Deadwater trails at Kielder ..the fact that I had my 14 yr.old son giving it ” is that the fastest you can go old man ” in my ear as he chased me down was a great way is the student becoming the master just yet !
    Hope it all works out for you..soon.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I can’t get the fear of random nasty accidents out of my head.

    Yes! So frustrating how the brain can ruin your riding after a spill. Also the fear of aggravating an existing injury if you do crash, takes all the fun out of corners! Now it’s getting damp too… I used to quite enjoy crashing ๐Ÿ™

    Premier Icon RicB

    I succumbed to the marketing people and put my 26″ Transition Bandit up for sale on the classifieds and was looking at long travel 29ers

    Took it for a quick spin after changing the gear cable and realised it’s awesome so I’m keeing it ๐Ÿ˜€


    @chiefgg, +1 for taking it easy for a bit, hopefully by not crashing over the next few weeks you can reset your ‘bottle’ switch. Recently back myself and I’m finding simple lack of fitness makes me nervous. Been out today 6 weeks after my return and for the first time I had great legs and was hitting all the lines, just when I was wondering if it would ever come back. Take your time and take it easy, chap!

    Not long back from the annual lads weekend away where we did a great loop round Danby. Probably quite popular as versions of it were in all the guide books I have.

    Took the P7 as the Segment was not back from it’s respray. Hardtail was great and now I have the FS back which I can’t wait to build up and get back out on. Finally got two bikes I’m happy with and no real desire to change.

    Currently at work with my mint 1992 Clockwork in bits in my locker but can’t seem to find the enthusiasm to crack on with it.

    The end.


    Just got the kona honzo from the classifieds and am personalising it and getting used to it in Woburn forest. Trying to decide whether to renipple my dt Swiss wheels, buy new ones or put smaller tyres on my hope 35w rims for my gt sensor. If I use the hopes 35w then I lose my plus wheelset for my prime. I’ve bought the new nipples but can’t stop looking at 650b wheelsets! My fat bike needs it’s bb changed as it’s creaking so I bought it then left it in the packet. I just bought a zealous Division frame and built it up with parts from my BOTE but have just stripped it after buying the kona and now have to rebuild the BOTE. I can’t see myself selling the zealous as it rode amazing for the 3 rides I took it out on but i still bought the kona. So lots really…….


    Started putting my Aeris 120 together, waiting on stem, mech, boost adapters and cables to arrive. Need to order a brake hose, some fluid and a new dropper post too, but haven’t worked out how long a post I can get away with yet…..

    It’s looking promising though, 11-46 cassette is hyooooge! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Oh, struggling to get the cane creek crown race seated though.

    Looking forward to riding my cx bike around the back lanes from next week on and shedding some lbs.


    Finally concluded that with my wife’s deteriorating health I’m not going to travel to a trail centre anytime soon so my unridden Habit lefty is going up for sale and possibly my new CAADX also to consolidate both to a 650b/700c steel frame to build up to ride from home. So just spent today cleaning them and getting them prepared for selling ๐Ÿ™

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