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  • Talk to me about Anglesey…
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    As title!

    We’ve done a fair few places in Wales but never Anglesey.

    Where is the best location, beaches and is there anything to do if it’s wet? What with it being Wales! 🙂


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    Depends on what you want to do and when you’re going. Llanddona is a massive pretty beach, nothing to do mind but there’s a pub nearby, Cemlyn is good too but again end of nowhere, pubs are not too far away though. Bangor is pretty decent.

    Premier Icon wobbliscott

    Not been since I were a lad. We were going to go this year in the campervan but all campsites fully booked all year already, so assume accommodation might be tricky if you’re looking like going this year.

    Only been as far as Beaumaris, which was nice. My pal took his motorhome to Holyhead & said he’d never go back cos it was a shithole.



    went last weekend.

    did a walk down to Port Wen old Brickworks and a walk on the coastal path

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/21TThBL]Porth Wen Brickworks[/url] by msh_sco, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Holidays as a kid, so hard to be subjective.

    Funny, friendly, slightly odd people. A strange place, trapped between the mountains and the sea.

    It’s absolutely beautiful  in many different ways, but they’ve put a motorway through it and it’s a bit more gentrified than it was.

    The coastal path is absolutely amazing to ride if you have the skilzzz or even better to walk if you haven’t.

    North Wales is  a pretty magical place.

    Premier Icon juanking

    Love Anglesey. Been camping there twice over the last two summers. Tyddyn Isaf on Lligwy beach is a fabulous campsite with a terrific cafe with pizzas that would rival any artisan joint.  https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2017/aug/24/the-perfect-british-camping-holiday-a-photo-essay

    The guardian link above was done while we were there last summer and the wetsuits out drying photo were ours!

    Shhhhhhhh. I am biased as I grew up 20 miles away.


    Go every year to a friends static in Marian  Glas. Love it. Rhosneigr beach for surfing and body boarding kite surfing etc. It isn’t to commercialised. Great pubs and food. Quite a slow paced place. Lots of walks and and not far from Snowdonia. The beaches are fantastic especially Lligwy. If I could retire anywhere it would be Anglesey.


    Beaumaris is nice, enjoyed my week there, the views are ace. And from there it is easy enough to get back to the main land and Snowdonia if you want. Also to keep up the STW middle class thing there is a Waitrose nearby, and Willis and Kate used to shop there and everything :-0


    Used to live there-built a house in Rhosneigr. Love the place!

    Just an outdoor mecca really but the weather can get a bit grim at times. Would move back in a flash!


    Rhosneigr has both sandy and rock-pooling beaches. You can also watch the RAF taking off/landing from Valley. Recommended for sea kayaking, if you know what you doing. Surfing is best on the western beaches, also wind/kite surfing. There are many lovely beaches.

    Anglesey has a reputation for being windy as well as rainy and things to see and do are generally outdoors. South Stack RSPB in spring for puffins and sea birds, and nice cliff top views. Red squirrels at Newborough, Plas Newydd and Pentreath. Heritage / derelict copper and brick works on the north coast. The indoor climbing centre at Llanfair PG has a good reputation. Beaumaris Castle is a ruin but has some cover. But basically you have to accept the British weather.

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes

    Anglesey is great, I lived in Beaumaris for 2 years as a student and would recommend staying there, just for the views.

    Lots to do all around the island, but most of it is outdoors.

    Red Wharf Bay, Newborough, Rhosneigr, Cable Bay, Church Island, Puffin Island, lovely.


    My pal took his motorhome to Holyhead & said he’d never go back cos it was a shithole.

    Yeah but the rest of Holy Island is fine.  Maybe I’m biased as my Grandparents used to own Penrhos – soon to become a holiday resort:


    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Holyhead Mountain is well worth a visit – head to North Stack and South Stack and have a gander at one of the most spectacular bits of sea-cliff in Wales. Holyhead itself you can drive through and ignore.

    One of my favourite wild-ish camping locations.


    Red Wharf bay

    South stack

    Newborough forest

    Pilli Palas (if weathers not so good and you like birds/butterflys).

    There might be something on at Ty-croes if you like motorsport?

    Premier Icon kayak23

    My Gran had a house on Trearduur (sp) bay and we used to stay there every year for holidays. South Stack is amazing I recall.

    One day I ran out into the garden through the French doors. Only, the French doors were closed.

    Beautiful place, glass can be a bit transparent however.


    Depends what you want, I guess. All four corners of coast offer something quite different, and there are some beautiful and peaceful inland footpaths to piece together a walk or three from. There are also some very nice cycle bimbles through quiet inland roads.

    Worth bearing in mind that even though the A55 has been there for about 15 years and has made cross-island transport much quicker, the island is still nearly 30 miles wide, so if you’re thinking of regularly ducking over to the mainland then I’d be staying somewhere near the bridges. If you’re not, can I suggest Rhoscolyn? It’s a place I’d not discovered in 10 years of living in Bangor until I met my wife who grew up there, and whose parents live and run a small holiday cottage business from there: http://www.rhoscolynholidays.co.uk/

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