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  • Talk Talk Broadband and Phone Anyone have this ?
  • grantway

    Does anyone else taken advantage of this or is it no good?

    Talk Talk Broadband & Phone Package

    Whats your experiences


    For me, it’s been cheap, reliable and near faultless. And the one time I did ring to report a fault (that disappeared after 30 mins or so anyway), the call centre staff were polite, helpful and rang me back. And it’s a vast improvement on Virgin who I was with previously, in terms of price, speed and reliability, and public decency prevents me from expressing my true feelings about BT, suffice to say that they are the worst company I have ever, ever had the misfortune to deal with.

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    No problems here, plus I get unlimited calls to Oz to keep up with my old mate who emigrated a few years back 🙂


    Hmm talk talk cs ain’t the best. I deal with them through work and personally and they aren’t good if you have a fault.


    Well we have SKY with basic package with Discovery & Music channels with one
    extra box in my Daughters room costing £ 55 per month

    So this looks a good deal as our area does not have fibre optic here
    so hard to get a deal with SKY now they can get loss


    No complaints here, fast and reliable. We had a line issue last year (BT wiring falling to bits) and talktalk were fine to deal with, if it had been my fault and I’d had to pay for the repair then it would still have been half the price BT charge.


    I’ve got it, just renewed after a year, had no problems.
    If you pay the line rental upfront for the year it works out at £9.50 per month.
    They have given me the broadband for £4.50 a month for this year.
    Unlimited download; but I set up my own routers and wireless access points and have had no trouble with connection.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    they consistently come bottom of the charts for customer satisfaction but my folks lasted a while with them.

    Plenty of past horror stories about though

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    No complaints from me, and fine to deal with when I had a fault.


    Used to have it, consistently plagued with cold calling (4 or more a day) despite registering with the TPS and subscribing to TalkTalks own filtering package.

    Went back to BT and the cold calling stopped. Broadband performance was unreliable to say the least. Plus their customer service is completely lousy.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Not the best service in the office. Running a business e-mail server on a fixed IP which TalkTalk changed one afternoon without informing us! Much bounced mail later we rang them to find the address movement had happened and we expect it to be back to normal tomorrow sometime!!! The CS staff are not the best I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, Plusnet take that award.
    When it’s running well and needs no attention then it’s ok, if you have to ring in be prepared for a world of frustration.

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