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  • Premier Icon jambalaya

    Very odd, one of my favourites, Whisky is pretty indestructible. Get a knowledgeable friend to taste it. Where did you buy it from ?


    did you add water?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    It should be very smoky and pretty burny… I wouldn’t call it disinfectanty but I can see the connection, I taste it as a wee bit petrolly (rather than oily). I love it but it’s not a typical whisky really.

    Premier Icon GavinB

    I’ve never been a fan of this one. I probably like it about as much as I like 10 yr old Laphroaig. For me, just too harsh. I much prefer a nice Islay malt, or else, if its island malts you’re after, a nice Highland Park.

    That reminds me, I have a nice Speyside malt sitting in the cupboard…

    Premier Icon andycs

    Always reminds me of Germoline that I put on my grazed knees as a kid!!

    It’s one of my favourites! I recently shot a wedding on Skye where the Talisker was pretty much guest of honour. Came out at the ceremony and stayed all day. We were all slightly merry by the end of the day (it was pressed on me and I took it easy until about 9 o’ clock)…

    It’s all a matter of taste.
    Talking to a mate of mine who reckons all Islay malts taste like Listerine. (while I love them all & don’t agree with him.)

    Premier Icon kerbdog

    Just found it very strange as I’m more used to Blackbush. I usually drink neat which was how I tried it at first then had to add water. Not really my bag I’m afraid, germoline is exactly what it reminded me off!


    The bottle has a very pleasing form. Traditional and straight-forward, but beautifully proportioned with just the right degree of subtle exaggeration in the bulge and taper.

    Hope that helps.


    That and Laphroig both taste like TCP to me. Like Irish malts myself.


    It’s an acquired taste, but by no means the most medicinal TBH. What you need to do is keep drinking it until you like it. As above, add water.

    Premier Icon kerbdog

    Just wondering, I bought a bottle of talisker 10 year old tonight as a treat.
    I’ve never had it before and wouldn’t claim to be an expert in any sense, but this actually tasted like disinfectant.
    Very very odd tasting not like any whisky I’ve ever tasted before. Is it possible to get a batch that’s went off?

    Premier Icon kcal

    Talisker always has that edgy, almost peppery taste, and quite deep. Laphroaig seems similar but I could never warm to it in the same way.

    On offer in Tesco at the moment by the way.


    Not tried this one yet but recently finished a bottle of Yura Origin.
    10 yo as well.
    T’was nice enough @£25 from Sainsburys atm.
    Quite oily , smooth but slightly weird.
    Looking forward to a bottle of 16yo Lagavulin next.

    Premier Icon brant

    Where are you based. Happy to swap you something for the bottle.


    I’m not the biggest fan of Talisker 10, however Talisker 18 is one of my favourites.

    It’s considerably smoother than the 10, also warmer and more rounded IMO. Less of a TCP kick to it too. That said, it’s £70-100, when you can actually get it (I had some on order for about 12 months in 2011).

    Premier Icon ransos

    I usually drink neat which was how I tried it at first then had to add water.

    I’ve been to the distillery, and they recommend you add a small quantity of water. And they’re right – it really does open up the flavour.

    I can’t see why you would dislike Talisker unless you’re not a fan of peated whisky in general – it’s far less medicinal than some of the Islay malts as it has some sweetness.

    As noted above, the 18yo is well worth paying the extra for.

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