Taking an air rifle to france.

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  • Taking an air rifle to france.
  • Premier Icon zippykona

    Can you take one through the tunnel and how do the French cops view air rifles?
    Harmless toy or killing machine?
    My friends have a nice house in rural France and want to shoot some rabbits.


    I’d be more worried about bringing it back in.


    Any air rifle of 7ft/lbs (about 10 Joules) requires a firearms licence in France.

    But the big stumbler here is that hunting with any air gun in France is illegal. .22 rimfire minimum for rabbits.

    Premier Icon BigEaredBiker

    I could be wrong but I believe most countries on the continent ban the use of air-rifles for hunting – even small vermin. That was certainly the case in Spain. I think that the permited power levels may also be lower.

    Taking it in/out of the UK shouldn’t be a problem, there should be a guide on the airline/ferry/tunnel website and I think you probably have to declare it, but having it chrono’ed by a reputable gunsmith and having that doc/report with you should help ensure that on entry no one questions its power and asks to see your FAC for it.

    Go and do a search on the airgunBBS, someone will have asked this there.

    You may just wish to buy a cheap plinker in France…

    edit: beaten to it 🙂


    Just out of interest, what rifle is it?


    When you get to the border control…just put your foot down and go in guns blazing.

    It’ll be fine.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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