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  • Taking a bike on Easyjet … easy or hassle?
  • Took my Kona from Gatwick to Geneva in a Duff Stealth bag, no issues at all…

    Went to Spain with a pal he used a cardboard box, a massive one, only problem was it wouldn’t fit through the Spanish x ray machines and had to use the cargo x ray machine. Apart from that no issues at all


    piss easy, you just weigh it in then pop it through the outsized luggage hole at the airport, they often come out of a different place to the carousel at the other end though.


    wonder how long it will take for the first surrey IT consultant type to complain at the appalling service because they had to drag the box an extra hundred yards from the check in desk to the out sized cargo hatch haha

    Took the road bike to Mallorca in April and was hassle free – though the plane left Gatwick half an hour late as they took a while to get 40 bikes on the plane!!

    so Yes, it’s easy as lots of people do it

    Super easy. Pack it well and keep it under 32kg and you´re laughing. Never had any damage, other than a warped rotor or similar.

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    Done Edinburgh to Geneva and Edinburgh to Milan both times in a cardboard bike box handed over from the Halfords recycling pile!! No damage or issues both times with Easyjet.

    Did a trip to Geneva with BA – again in a box and they trashed the frame on my wife’s bike. They sorted it out very quickly though.


    Off to Majorca with Mrs A and she’s suggested I take my road bike. Flying Easyjet – their website seems to suggest it’s not a problem assuming packed in a bike box (albeit nothing with Easyjet seems easy!). Has anyone flown with a bike, and is it a big hassle? Can the box be cardboard?

    Any tips?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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