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  • geetee1972

    Tailored and bespoke are different.

    Tailored suits will use an existing pattern and then the suit is made for your from that pattern. This allows a lot of adjustment to the sizing so you can get a very good fit; not perfect but pretty much.

    Bespoke is a suit made from a pattern made specially for you. You get a perfect fit as a result. Because they make the pattern for you though, you pay a lot more for bespoke than tailored.

    I got a tailored suit from Aquascutum, prices there are from around £900 upwards for tailored.

    True bespoke suits are likely to start around £2k.

    Unless you’re a really odd shape, tailored should be more than enough.


    Kashkets make a good suit, traditional English cut so narrow at the waist etc.


    hi all

    had a quick read of

    Ive got a similar question in that i want a wedding suit but i have want a full on tailored bespoke suit. I also was the tailoring experiance so no online jobs.

    Budget is up to a max of £1500 will that get me onto saville row proper?

    Also I am 25 and tend to prefer Italian slim cut suits

    anyone got any good experiances or ideas where i can find some good lists of prices?


    I got mine from Gresham Blake but they offer 2 different levels of bespoke, the cheaper one is sent overseas for most of the stitching and they do the minor alterations in the shop. As it turned out it was a nIcevsit but they also offer a more expensive Traditional Bespoke now that was not available a few years ago when I brought mine…


    So what would this be ‘tailored’ or ‘bespoke’?



    NOt 100% sure but they’re saying it’s ‘made to measure’ which generally means tailored, i.e. cut from a standard pattern but made to accomdoate your measurements.


    First point – don’t bother going for Savile Row.

    There are many wonderful tailors up and down this wonderful country who make their livings in the world of bespoke clothing. There aren’t as many as there used to be, but the provincial tailors give you the value for money you don’t get when the men in London with an address to uphold empty your wallet.
    Any good tailor can make you what you want, but you need to know what you want. It is quite a thing to be faced with so many choices in things you probably didn’t know about. Also – what suits your build may not be what you think suits your build.
    My last suit was made by Coleman and Sons in Leicester. A superb choice of cloths, fantastic service and a first rate tailor who knows his onions and makes great suits.
    Find your local tailors, look at their work. You will be much closer to the £1k end than the £2k end quoted up there.

    Premier Icon mikey-simmo

    had my wedding suit made by this chap. If i could have a dozen more I would.


    he trained as an apprentice on Savile Row – but moved to cumbria for a quiet life.


    So who else is similar to Aquascutum (and ive found Canali) in doing made to measures for under £1500??


    You won’t get on the ‘Row for less than £3k bespoke, but there are a few options in London for genuine bespoke suits for half that.

    Personally, I’d recommend Chris Kerr on Berwick St in Soho. He claims not to have a house style, but I’ve had two suits made by him now (including my wedding suit) and they’re definitely on the more fitted, slimmer side.

    The whole process takes 4-6 weeks and for me required 2 fittings, but he’d have done more if they were needed. Cost-wise, a three piece would be about £1600, two piece £1300. Depends on cloth to a certain extent, but those prices will cover most of the books he’s got.


    My budget was a little lower but I wanted pretty much the same, a decent bespoke suit in quality fabrics. I wanted a three piece and couldn’t find anything at all off the shelf.

    Ended up using these guys:

    Came to around £800 for 3 piece plus a bespoke shirt to go with it. However, I’d concur with TooTall – go local if you can. Mine was made abroad but I had a pretty strict budget, if I could’ve stretched for more then I’d have spent the money on a UK tailor but as it was redundancy was looming and I felt guilty enough about the amount I did spend (cost 3 times more than the wifes wedding outfit!).


    Aquascutum have gone bust. If anyone’s looking for bargain stuff check out iTailor.com. I had a shirt made by them and was impressed. When I get round to getting measured up I shall try a suit.


    thought id give an update on what i have decided on.

    at 5’7 with a climbers build I really struggled to get anything small enough off the peg. Anything that was small and slim enough in the jacket i could barely fit in the trousers of (why most places dont let u mix and match is beyond me!)

    The closest match was a Dolce and Gabanna suit in their slimest cut but my fiancee refused to marry me in a Dolce and Gabanna because it was very fashion cut and the trowsers were still pretty tight and V skinny fit.

    So I ended up in Paul smith in notting hill and tried on a couple of off the peg and saw they had a full bespoke service (saville row trained) Once I explained my budget they were very accomodating and I am now going for a paul smith bespoke based on some of the styling of one of their suits which I really like the style of.

    Properly excited about the my first fitting and getting the suit for my wedding 🙂


    I’d always recommend off-the peg Pal Zileri for outstanding quality of cloth & cut.




    I’m very happy with their service and quality. they cam to my home and had so many different fabrics and tailored to my exact requirments ( read; big lad with normal waist but large thighs and backside to which other tailors couldnt fit me properly) 😀


    for that money and style, try charlie allen on upper street or timothy everest just off berkeley square.

    Premier Icon jonnyrobertson

    A quick mention re iTailor, I too had a shirt made up as a “tester” proir to ordering a suit (I was after a 3 piece brown one, yeah, I know…) and I was very impressed. However, when the suit came… The jacket and waistcoat were far too large and the trousers absolutely tiny. There was no way of altering the trousers to fit and having done some research AFTER the event (again, yeah, I know… :oops:) it seems problems like these are not uncommon. Unfortunately iTailor just say you screwed up with the measuring so tough. Also, I was far from impressed with the quality of the material used in the suit. I thought I was being canny as at the time I couldn’t really afford or justify the thick end of a grand on a suit but instead it was nearly 400 quid down the pan. Ended up stumbling across a brown pinstripe suit in T.K Maxx for £100 that fitted me perfectly… 😕


    I’m in the same position but my budget is a lot less!
    Has anyone used Dress 2 Kill?

    I popped in a couple of weeks ago and quite impressed. Going back for the initial appointment to choose the suit fabric / get measured next month…

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    I had a suit made for a wedding by King and Allen. Others have said they didn’t rate them, but mine came out very nicely after 3 fittings.

    That said – I lost a load of weight this year and so it hung off me like a sack. I called K&A who frankly weren’t that helpful, suggesting that a major alteration wouldn’t be easy, would be costly, etc. – IMHO trying to convince me to not bother / get a new one, which I don’t have the budget for. Maybe they’re too busy with new makes, whatever, I didn’t feel ‘valued’. So I took it to a local tailor in Guildford who couldn’t have been more helpful, who resculpted the jacket and 2 pairs of trousers for less than the cheapest suit I could find on the high street – well under £100 – and it now looks fantastic.

    So as well as some K&A feedback – a bit ying and yang there – my next ‘tailored’ suit will almost certainly be an off the peg quality one from one of the better high st chains (probably in the NY sales), and then whipped down to be fitted for me. Which would be my advice unless you’re a really odd shape.


    Why am I reading this? I got married in May and am moving to the mountains in December so I have no need for a suit and no money. Does anyone want to give me a PS3?………no? worth an ask.

    For context, I picked up my suit for £100 from John Anthony (reduced from £500) and got my friends TAPT – Fabric designers to pimp it up a little bit.

    My dad, rocking it out!!


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