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  • Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    OK, basically looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with a 10.1″ screen. Anyone have one? Recommended?

    Alternative possibly would be an iPad (not Mini) so either a Retina display or an Air.

    Currys are doing good deals at the moment so budget could possibly be stretched.

    Looking forward to some sensible and constructive dialogue!

    Thanks from a bimbo. 🙂


    Swings and roundabouts with the tab 3 or nexus 10. Android all the way. Ever since iTunes screwed up my album collection I’ve kept away. Had a N10 for a couple of months now and love it. Bear in mind there’s a new N10 on the way so if you can hold off you might get a cracking deal on one. Incidentally, what’s the deal on the Tab3? Much higher resolution on the N10 close to, if not equal to the Retina displays. Faster processor and twice the RAM too. Stereo front facing speakers too.

    Premier Icon jes

    I went with a Sony Xperia Z for the folowing reasons
    10″ screen
    Very thin with a clean design
    IR remote
    Links well with my phone, tv and other gadgets.
    Micro sd card slot (runs a 64gb card)

    Down sides are
    Plastic coat over glass screen which can scratch and shows finger marks.

    Other than the points above delighted with it so far.


    I have a note 10.1 which I think is almost the same but it has the stylus.
    I’m far from a tech head but found it simple to use and no problems with screen or sound.
    Use mainly for browsing, you tube, basic photo editing and taking notes. Have watched video and films on it with no problems.
    The tablet doesn’t have usb but you can connect usb sticks via an adaptor, screen is tough, no marks after nearly a year of use.
    I have the wifi only version but can use phone for connection via bluetooth if no wifi network available.
    Also use a bluetooth keyboard if I’m doing a lot of text entry.
    No idea how it measures up in the spec wars, I chose it because I saw a good deal, wanted the stylus for doodling and have Samsung phone so used to the icons and jargon…..

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Thanks for your replies, will be checking those out. 🙂


    Xperia z at carphone warehouse was priced very well recently


    I have a note 10.1 as well. As I mentioned the other day on another thread, I love the split screen feature, and that I can have word/excel open and a pdf, which I can that make notes on (which it can convert to text as I scribble) and then I can email straight away.
    It makes my life simple.
    I still carry my laptop for a back up, just in case (I’m just like that)
    My only gripe is that it’s a Samsung prop plug, if they had gone micro usb it would have been 5 stars. Otherwise, I’m giving it 4.5.
    I’m wanting a keyboard for it. I do think, once I have that, for my work (email, making notes, simple word/excel docs, and browsing net) I can do away with my laptop.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Thanks again.

    Would I be able to use my Tracklogs mapping software?

    @ Travis – any idea what keyboards can be used with it? Thanks.


    I had a note 10.1 after getting annoyed with my ipad 3. The note lasted about 20 minutes before I organised for tesco to take it away again – it had the build quality of an etch-a-sketch and a comparable screen resolution.

    Bought a Nexus 7 instead, much better than either so if I was getting anything it’d be a nexus 10.

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