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  • Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    So I’m hankering for a tablet for general internet browsing and stuff.

    I also need to increase the storage capacity of general ‘stuff’ I have a portable 1TB HDD that’s nearly full and at the rate I’m filling it with photos I’ll need to add to it soon. It seems like a sensible time to get some wireless storage to enable the Laptop and Tablet to share a common data repository – looking in the shops it seems like lots have a ‘cloud’ element so that you can access your data over the internet too. V cool.

    I’d already seen some similar Apple stuff (Time Capsule?) and the BIL has an Airport Express set of speakers, which are great.

    So it would make sense to go all Apple or not?

    It would seem that I can get an iPad, Time Capsule and some AirPlay speakers and they’d presumable work well together… but I’d be paying $$$ for it and I’m not particularly bothered about the beautiful Apple walled garden that forces you to pay $$$ for a USB converter, $$$ for a SD card reader, $$$ for a (you get the idea).

    If I were to go with a competing system, I could get a WD cloud storage HDD that would talk to my existing router. They have apps for android to talk to phones & tablets.. but what about the music? I saw some bluetooth speaker things but isn’t bluetooth really poor for audio quality? The Logitech UE thing would be great for taking music through to the garage as well.. I understand AirPort speakers will work with iTunes but that’s a bit limited really.

    I’ve been a bit left behind with the technology malarky (too busy riding pushbikes to care) and now it’s all weird and strange.

    We’re in a house with only a laptop so have the opportunity to think through which path to go down. What would you suggest? What’s rubbish?

    I haven’t decided what tablet is actually best so that depends on what is released in the next month or so.

    Help me!

    TL;DR – want tablet, wifi/cloud storage and wireless speakers. What’s best all-round?


    If you’re after high quality audio then perhaps consider a Sonos system, but they do cost a fair bit. You can add additional speakers as your system grows.

    Also look into the Logitech wireless Radio systems.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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