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    Only knowledge I have is that my mate has a DSG T5 transporter which started jumping out of gear a few years ago and VAG wanted £5k for a new gearbox. That said he hasn’t had it fixed and has been driving it since, just a bit annoying.


    Got a t5 caravelle, 2.5 130 auto (not dsg) 110,000 miles. Driven a few manuals and must say the auto is by far the nicest to drive, occasionally use it in sport mode or do manual (tiptronic) mode. Commute 12 miles per day then at weekends it gets used for bikes/boards etc returns 28/9mpg average, on a good motorway run at about 65mph it gets 35mpg ish. Most practical vehicle I’ve ever owned
    Go for it, 6 months from now you will wonder how you ever drove a car with a manual box.


    I have seen a T5 130 Kombi for sale but it is an automatic. What are they like, are they problematic? It apparently has full service history.


    Auto and DSG are totally different. The autos have some known problems, lots of coverage on VWT4

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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