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  • I have some light scratches on my frame’s top tube, caused from sitting on it in my mud/grit covered shorts. I now have a dull patch, rather than shiny black, on my new bike. Not a really big deal, and it is a bike that get muddy, but I can’t help to feel a touch gutted.

    Would T-cut solve the problem? I guess useless without pics but thats life.

    thank you in advance



    Most likely.


    Try some autoglym super resin polish, t-cut’s a bit harsh I’m sure the paint on a
    Frame is quite thin.

    Yes, but it’s quite abrasive so don’t go to town on it and go through the paint.

    Just ride the thing, you’ll only sit on it again next ride. Helitape it if it worries you.


    Good quality polish is what I do every few months. that stuff in blue bottles.

    T-cut is to harsh to use more than a few times.

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    T-cut isn’t very good. I saw there’s a decent range of Farecla stuff in Halfords these days, far better- all abrasives work by taking off paint but some are better at it than others, Farecla’s scratch remover breaks down as you use it so starts out coarse then ends up fine.


    +1 for Farecla products.

    I use them every day and honestly wouldn’t use anything else.

    (And T-Cut is crap, I wouldn’t touch it personally)

    Super resin polish won’t solve your problem as its just a “top coat” it has no cutting compound so the best it will do is mask it a bit temporarily.

    What you are trying to do is remove some damaged clear coat that is stopping the light reflecting cleanly off the base coat colour. You need a cutting compound to do that, and a degrading compound is ideal (one that breaks down and becomes less aggressive in use, and then finally becomes a true polish to finish)

    If you don’t know the thickness off the clear coat (paint thickness gauge) you run the risk of going through the clear coat and that’s your paintwork knackered.

    Personally I would use Farecla Fine cut, with a DA Polisher. But I would measure the clear oat thickness first, as I would imagine there is a VERY small amount on a bike frame !!!!!!

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    You’d better have pretty good ruler to measure a few microns of clearcoat on top of paint.


    I got rid of my ruler a while ago.

    I use one of these now.


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    Nah you want one of these

    Although ideally if you’re measuring the thickness of a laminate you need an ultrasonic gauge.


    Just stick a Hope sticker over it.

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