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  • reynolds853

    A recent online report (snippet below), following on from the tragic deaths of tandem husband and wife cyclists in Bristol highlights that not only did the driver have any respect for the legal system and other peoples lives, but that there is also no apparent means to control these individuals and prevent them from driving. What can be done.

    Avon and Somerset police said that Nicholas Lovell, from Oldland Common, was charged with two offences of death by dangerous driving and driving whilst disqualified. He was also charged with driving with no insurance and failing to stop at the scene of a collision. He is due to appear in North Avon Magistrates’ Court today.


    What do you expect to happen? Being disqualied won’t stop the determined from getting behind the wheel of a car, any more than the threat of being breathalised will stop the committed drinker from having a skinful and driving.

    What can be done.

    A strongly worded letter to the Gruaniad?

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Same thing happens in the US every so often. Typically, someone has their license revoked for DUI. They still drive anyway. Other than locking them up, what can you do?

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