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  • All you folk on here with synths: what do you do with them?

    I’ve had a Korg Minilogue for about a year and all I’ve done is learn about subtractive synthesis and play a few melodies by OMD and Yazoo!

    I have no aspirations to be in a band but I wouldn’t mind composing a few pieces.

    What do you do with yours?

    I’ve been obsessed by synths since I first saw the Roland Jupiter 8 and Fairlight CMI back in 1980. And I think I bought one because I could finally afford it.


    Are you using a DAW?

    I’ve been making tunes for a few years, I use Ableton with various plugins and an ever expanding selection of hardware, I’ve got my first proper album release coming up soon on a label that Apparat has released on so I’m pretty chuffed about that.

    Gear list I can think of –

    Arturia Keystep/Beatstep
    Two cases of Eurocrack
    DSI Mopho X4
    Behringer Model D
    Elektron Digitone
    Ensoniq SQ-80
    Roland JX-8P
    Juno 106
    Arturia Drumbrute Impact
    Yamaha CS-15

    There might be more but I try to pick things up at the right price then if I don’t get on with it I can move it on without a loss.

    Some of my old stuff –


    Small world schrickvr6

    My photograph will be gracing the cover of your release :-).
    Martin let me hear the tracks for it. some great stuff

    Some nice gear fellas.

    I owned some bits of kit in the early 90s before my kids filled life.

    Korg MS10
    Korg M1 (bought for £500 with an Atari ST and Cubase)
    Novation Bass station
    Cazio CZ101
    Roland D50 (lovely FM sounds)
    Akai S900 12 bit\S01
    Korg X3
    Korg Wavestation SR
    Amongst others…..

    Love Future Music mag back in the day!

    Juno 106 are lovely. I always wanted one of those (and the JD800)

    Recently bought a controller again and knobbing about with FL Studio but im well out of touch with all this new virtual stuff!

    Its incredible now what you can produce on a budget.

    I sold my last remaining actual synths (D-50 and CZ-1000) last year. For me, its all happening in the DAW these days (Logic).

    Occasionally I do miss hardware though. Might buy something second-hand from possibly Nord or Novation.


    I’ve always loved synths but never bought any hardware versions. Played around with soft synths a bit. Always had a soft spot for the DX7 and Moog’s luscious offerings.

    If you really want to lose your life for the forseeable future, get yourself to VCV and enjoy the free download of their modular rack software and hundreds of plugins.

    VCV – Wave goodbye to your social life


    No way, small world indeed, thanks again.

    VCV Rack is sweet but that’s like soft drugs, Go Eurocrack and kiss goodbye to your life, credit limit and kids inheritance. 😀

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Real dumbass thread hijack here.As a kid I saw a synth on Tomorrow’s World where they sampled a voice via microphonee then played a tune using that sample. What would I need to get to do this in Logic Pro?


    You would just record your voice as a .WAV in Logic and the import (probably drag and drop) the .WAV into the sampler, I’ve not used Logic but a quick Google shows this –

    EXS24 Sampler in Logic Pro X

    Premier Icon DavidB

    Fairlight that’s the baby!

    Premier Icon senor j

    Seeing as it’s Saturday night, can we have some synth music please Derek?
    How’s about ….


    Go on then, brand new Barker

    Premier Icon senor j

    Good one .
    New you say……?

    Plug-ins are so good now that’s all I use.

    Really like what this guy does.

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