Syncros rims. who deals with warranties?

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  • Syncros rims. who deals with warranties?
  • mrmo

    depending on what has happened, how old, who assembled it etc.

    but basically

    SOGA, your contract is with the shop who sold the item to you.
    it is not your problem who the shop bought it from. If the item is faulty then the shop is legally obliged to fix it. (certain caveats do apply!)

    But be nice!!!


    Think Syncros are owned by Scott now if that helps.

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    Yeah that’s right he mentioned Scott. Only a few months old.


    The only time i’ve seen splits around eyelets was on a Mavic 717 that had been overtightened on the spokes by me.
    It wasnt used offroad, so its unlikely to be from abuse.
    Who built the wheel?


    it’s down to whoever you bought the item from to sort it out for you.
    many suppliers will just tell you to refer to said retailer.


    jungle and yes now owned by scott

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    After a week of not getting an answer from my lbs, it’s time to sort it. Sure it don’t take a week to not find out.
    Apparently it used to be Jungle, but told by lbs that syncros are a rebadged DT Swiss product and they sell them, but warranty issues are sorted by Pace! Forks maybe, but not rims I would have thought.
    Now we’re “waiting to hear from Jungle”………….

    It’s a DS28, 2″ splits running out from about half the eyelets by the way.

    Cheers all.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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