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  • Swooping season down under
  • Premier Icon Pigface
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    Some great videos on line. Anyone experience this?

    Premier Icon Pigface
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    Bit sweary

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    Came here to post just that video. Fantastic stuff.

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    In Byron Bay stick on eyes on the back of your helmet was the way to go.

    There was one of the varmints that would wait for me to go past every day.

    Never happened in this country though.

    Premier Icon uphillcursing
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    Had one in the garden for a couple of years. Hours of fun watching it and the dog go at it. Not so funny when you forgot to keep an eye on him. They never swoop when they know you are looking at them.
    It was very wary of the dog who has reactions as quick him. He donated a few feathers to the cause on a regular basis. Once he must have lost a couple of flight feathers and failed clear the fence. I had to stop the dog before she ended the game permanently. A few days later the bastard re-payed my kindness and put a hole in the top of my wife’s head that bleed as only a head wound can.
    There is one half a mile away that drew blood from my earlobe last weekend. Its only doing what its nature demands but boy are they pain at times.

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    They can be pretty dangerous from what i remember.

    They never swoop when they know you are looking at them.

    The advice when I lived there in the ’80s was a hat with eyes drawn on it. I’m sure you could even buy “magpie hats”

    Some people tried empty ice cream tubs with a face drawn on them made into to makeshift helmets!

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    A mate mentioned on FB that it was now the season in New Zealand. Very rare he posts anything and I feel better for being in the UK

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    Canny beat a bit of Ozzy man!

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