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  • Switching from Windows 7 to Linux?
  • Last week I turned one of our computers at work from a slow glitchy nightmare on XP to a fairly fast and very stable thing on LinuxCNC. I’m now considering Linuxing my other laptop – but this other one needs to be able to run quite a few windows programmes like Excel (the open office equivalent can’t do what I need) and various bits of CAD and CAM software plus an audio measurement suite called Praxis. I’m not great with computers and I hate fiddling with them but the Windows 7 on this Dell laptop has been the least stable computer I’ve used since the days of Win 98 (for instance the task manager broke after a few months – WTF?!!)


    I dual boot my dell with Win7 & Linux Mint (a doddle to install)

    Yep linux mint is spot on for lumbering pc’s. Although if your laptop is simply struggling to deal with all the software you are running, linux will only temporarily delay the inevitable. You could spend a bit of money on it and upgrade to linux and you would be set. (ram, processor etc.?)


    Yep, dual boot. keep windows for the stuff you need and use linux for everything else.


    run windows 7 from within linux using some virtualisation software like virtualbox or vmware etc

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    Make sure it has plenty of RAM and at least a dual core processor if you’re going to virtualise! Or maybe upgrade anyway!


    Despite being a linux fan and long time user for your person case I would not recommend it. There are CAD and CAM packages available for linux, some very powerful but that would mean learning a new package and I think all of the good CAD linux packages are non free (in terms of beer and speech), add on top of that the fact that you’re tied to Excel (yuk!!) and its will be a lot of hassle for you.

    I think you would be better either buying a new computer or paying someone to do a tidy up or nice clean reinstall. Win7 should be pretty stable now. You should not be having stability problems with it unless there is some seriously bad setup or a hardware problem. Try running memtest (google it) to check the RAM. I’ve just solved a problem with a very unstable computer and it was a RAM module that had gone bad. £7.50 later all is well.

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    Part of me wants tks say yes but unless the windows side is rarely used then dual boot will just nick hard drive space. VM on slow laptop will just be slower.

    However a full windows reinstall may buy you a bit of time.

    However does the software need to be mobile as a cheap desktop may be a better option for cad etc.


    Dual booting W7 and Ubuntu 12.04 here, also have Cinnamon as an option. Really very rare that I boot into Windoze unless I have to use specific programs.
    Had it running under Wubi, found it annoying. So uninstalled, partitioned drive, one for W7 OS one for Ubuntu, then a separate partition for the data. Jobs a good un.

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