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  • switching from spds to flats
  • fatsimon mk2

    iam switching from spd’s to flats after crimbo and as it’s been a very long time since ive ridden on flats any advice would be handy ??

    p.s iam switching cause iam finding iam wimping out when things get techy and couple of my mates reckon i might find it easier not connected to the bike

    Get decent pedals.
    Get decent shoes.

    Go and get rad.


    As Davey said decent shoe/pedal combo is a must – plus remember to drop your heels.

    Mark N

    Shin pads may be handy to save some sore bits.


    place pedal towards middle of foot not the same place as clipped in

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    On the decent shoes note up until recently I’ve been using 5:10s but they take an age to dry out. I’ve switched to my old DCs and they grip my pedals (carbon cycles “nanos”) just fine. I’d say any half decent skate shoe with a stiff sole will do the job IMO.

    fatsimon mk2

    breadcrumb going to be using a pair of Animal skate shoes and DMR V8s to start with, Prezet and Jedi thanks for the advice kinda things i need to remember to do.

    Just did the same this month after riding clipped in for 14 years!

    Good pedals – i got superstar nanos.
    Good shoes – using Shimanos as better for water protection
    Use the middle of your foot on the pedal, not the ball.
    Need to drop the saddle a tiny bit due to the above point.
    Don’t pedal in circles – doesn’t work 🙂
    Heels down.
    Need to weight the pedals more so they don’t bounce off.
    Expect a few scars on the shins/calfs!
    If pushing your bike, keep well away from the pedals! see point above.
    Have fun!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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