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  • Swiss singletrack trail recommendations
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    Work is sending me to Bern for 3 weeks in August. I’ll have weekends free, my mountain bike and a hire car… Where should I go?

    Ideally I’d like flowing natural singletrack interspersed with natural tech fests, with ride length and descent ratio assisted by lift. I prefer natural riding where you are never sure what is around the corner, instead of laps of berms and jumps at a bikepark. I’m happy with super tech stuff.
    I’ve done a couple of awesome trails on Monte Tamero, so it’s a possibility to go back there.
    I have a GPX for a route on Passo del Sole, which looks like a nice option.
    I’ve done a weekend around Lucerne on Pilatus, and another weekend somewhere above Crans-Montana bike park. I’ve had a half day at Verbier, but I know there is more to explore.

    Anyone here have some specific recommendations for stand out trails? I guess going over the french side is also possible. I guess the route of the Mega might be fun.

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    Switzerland caters very well for what you seek, though there are so many options it can be hard to choose.

    Sounds like you’ve almost done more than me, and I lived there for 13yrs. face palm for me.

    there is tons more, but I find it hard to look past Graubunden for what you seek. lift assisted single track by the bucket load. Kind of in the wrong side of CH, but only a 2.5hr drive from Bern.

    I’ll throw in a couple of specific highlights for me in the last few years:

    1) Alps Epic in Davos – 45km, about 1000m of climbing (which you almost do in one go, it ain’t fun!) and 3000m-ish of decent IIRC

    2) 616 Biketicket to Ride (rot) Lenzerheide – similar stats to the above, perhaps even more fun as its a loop

    Both are wonderful, and there are plenty more in the area if you want to add more on the same day/weekend.


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    Thanks for the tips! I have been recommended Davos before, and having seen photos once again I’m keen to make that a certain for one of the weekends if the forecast is ok.

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