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    Put me down as a maybe


    Note to self – avoid Swinley on Saturday 29th June am… busy enough as it is… 🙂

    Now that the new trails are in and runnning nicely I think it’s time we had another one!

    Need someone to ‘guide’ the slower group, although it’s signposted, so it’s more hearding cats than boy scout navigation this time. Fast group can be lead by committie, diving off into the bushes occasionaly if soneone knows a good bit of singletrack.

    Summary 9:00, near the start of the Blue for about 3 hours followed by cake.

    Here’s the motely cru that turned up for a previous one, surrounded by stange white dusy trails, I’m un-reliably informed that the trails will be bone dry and dusty, the sky will be blue and the temperature a perfect mid 20’s.

    The rest of the text is plagerised from Phill’s original threads of yesteryear.

    Who wants to join us for a chilled not so serious not too fast ride? A ride that is completely devoid of mad skilz, big air and judgement, an afternoon of getting muddy in Swinley…

    Equally who wants to meet up with some of the weirdos from this forum and blast through the single track like a scolded yeti?

    When : 9:30am start, unless you’re planning on being late, in which case 9:00 am for a 9:30 start. Later and I think we’d struggle with parking as it gets busy.

    Who’s welcome : everybody

    Where: Meet up at the gate opposite the start to the blue (not the go-ape gate like previously).

    Why: Because we can.

    Thinking of 2 groups, maybe more if there’s loads of us.

    “The It’s not how fast you ride its how much fun you’re having (but secretly jealous of the extra confident healthy people) Team” lap of the blue and red, about 13 miles.

    “The A-Team”, a group of riders so fast and AWESOME that it would be mean and nasty to make them wait for the slower riders…..Probably not much quicker than the slow group but taking every oppertunity to some extra bits and re-riding sections, which means the pace might be a bit quicker. As it’s now all signposted it’s easy enough to wait and regroup at the end of sections so people can ride at their own pace. Probably arround 18-20 miles.

    If less than 15-20 turn up then we can all head out in one group and follow a random rider around for the ride, sticking close enough to worry them but when they turn around we can all turn away and whistle like we’re not up to nuffink

    Meet up back at the Cafe about 2.5 to 3 hours later for cake, harribo, coffee and comparing scars.

    Rules? Wouldn’t that ruin the spirit of such a friendly chilled ride? Well yes it would if it was all taken too seriously, however there are some pointers that are worth getting out of the way now, fingers crossed they don’t come across as super-strict rules.. more pieces of advice to make your ride and everyone else’s that little bit more enjoyable.

    1) Bring your own spares,

    2) Bring your own camelback/water,

    3) Wear a helmet if you’ve got one or do your own risk assessment and dont,

    4) Bring your own mid-ride snacks, dont want any “bonking” now do we

    5) Route will be decided upon the day by the “leaders” of each group and will be dependent on any trail closures/conditions…

    6) If LOTS of people turn up then we might need to break up into more than 2 groups, best to decide this on the day.

    7) Lycra will not be judged, relax! (silent judgement may take place)

    8 ) We ride at the pace of the slowest rider in each group, or we ride at our own pace and wait at the top of the next hill/section/junction for others to catch up.

    9) No pressure on anyone to do things they are not happy with as it’s all about having fun! Walking certain sections/hills will not be frowned upon.

    10) Due to potentially large numbers of riders, please don’t bring your dogs as chances are someone will ride into them whilst distracted by their awesomeness…

    Drink/nicotine/crack-pipes disclaimer:
    I dont really feel the need to tell people to be considerate, so I’ll just say that people are people and will do what they want, but in the spirit of a super-welcoming-ride if people do want to smoke/drink/turn up naked then I’d respectfully ask that people are considerate of those that might be put out by it, and for non-smokers to not make the poor nicotine starved feel guilty with disapproving looks etc.

    NO! But you do have to pay for parking (which is more than the permit used to be)

    Those who survive the morning are all invited to a post ride feast in the cafe.

    Seating is outside so maybe throw an extra layer in your car for when we get back, and feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks for the feast if you want to save money or treat the group to your own flapjack/cake creations.

    Please make sure you eat properly in the morning before the ride too!

    If you’re planning on joining in then register your interest on this thread, I will give out my mobile number to those requesting it via email nearer the time.

    Feel free to invite your regular riding buddies along to it.

    This is going to be fun

    As this ride is simply a casual ride organised by a group of friends based in a magical digital world, we are not members of any association or federation and therefore are not covered by any insurance.

    By the very nature of the sport all-terrain biking does have a degree of RISK and we ask all those who join us to take this into consideration .

    I cannot accept any liability or responsibility for any incidents which may occur during this ride and suggest that those who are new to the sport ensure they are prepared for the inevitable, puncture, mechanical,rain shower and odd tumble or two.

    It is recommended that your mobile phone has an entry titled “EMERGENCY” or “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) with a contact number of someone you’d like contacted if something goes wrong… which we hope we will never have to use.

    Note to self – avoid Swinley on Saturday 29th June am… busy enough as it is…

    I think the novelty’s worn off, I spent a few hours messing about in the woods today and barely saw anyone! Waited at the top of 15 for five minutes and no one came! Not a fan of doing that run flat out on my own after coming across a guy who’d stoved his eyesocket in on the tabletop on a nightride :S

    Even the gulley was empty!

    Seriously, where is everyone? The suns out and the trails are running realllllly quick and loose!

    Premier Icon nicholas_yiu

    Seriously, where is everyone? The suns out and the trails are running realllllly quick and loose!

    I was out there this morning from around 9-11 and it was stupidly busy on the blue. Red was OK though.

    Saying that I was there on Wednesday evening and it was probably as busy then which was a surprise.

    I will be a maybe as well, depends if my wife’s flight get delay as I have to pick her up early in the morning.


    Hmm, if I can get my swizzle together that weekend then I’ll be there. Will have a birthday bash to go to too but not sure if that’s Fri night or Sat day yet. Quite fancy a midweek practice too as haven’t been there for 3-4 yrs and ain’t used to hitting it in anything but bog mode. Looking forward to meeting some fellow STWeirdos en masse 😉

    New week lunchtime bump.

    Will be there if i fail to break into Glastonbury :O


    Will be there if i fail to break into Glastonbury


    3 days to go!

    The forecast is for sunshine and 21C!

    And only 7 people?

    Come on people!

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark


    Is there a prize for furthest travelled?

    Dunno, but there’s always harribo

    Premier Icon mboy

    Blimey that photo brings back memories! Was a few years ago too… Me and my ex GF next to Phil and his missus over on the left hand side of the photo.

    Anyway, sorry won’t be able to make it, will be at Brechfa for a friends birthday riding the trails there. Have fun though!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Haven’t got a car atm so can’t make it


    Would have popped by but heading oop north this weekend for some of the fabled Peak riding where I understand the trails are all made out of golden rocks and the sun always shines 😉

    But I would like to take this opportunity for a blatant plug to another Swinley meet thread here –> http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/the-stw-singley-mingley-swinley-ride


    I’ll try and make it, so may well see you there.


    Not recovered from my slip the other day so unfortunately it’s a 🙁 from me.
    Have a good one

    Premier Icon madhouse

    I’d love to but my am still recovering from a broken wrist.

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