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  • Swinley conditions and length or diverted laps?
  • fenn123

    Thinking of a trip to swinley later this week, anyone know current conditions? I know its not going to have dried up loads but an idea of how many diversions are still in place would be good. Anyone know the length of a blue and red lap combined following the diversions currently in place?


    Premier Icon michaelbowden

    It was about 20k on Sunday

    Theres a fair bit of the better sections closed. 12.3miles
    link to Strava


    Thanks for replies. I will see how much rain comes tomorrow I think.

    I would give it a miss. I was there on Friday. A lot is closed including some of the best bits. The rest varies for good/ok/crap. Time to let Swinley recover IMO.

    Time to let Swinley recover IMO.

    I concur.

    Was there a couple of weeks ago, and kept on thinking, “These trails are getting mashed.” OK, so there are many parts that drain well, but much of it simply doesn’t, and the amount of trail widening going on as people skirt around puddles is scary.

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    Its probably worth giving it a miss as above it needs some time to recover.

    Cwm Carn was OK on Sunday – its got proper gradients and lot of rock to keep the trails solid. Bit splashy but fine all round.

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    Just got back from Swinley now.

    It’s grim 🙁

    I only rode the blue trail, the first couple of sections are open then a diversion missing the third and half the fourth. Stickler has a load of bits taped off and people are riding around the huge puddles making it a boggy mess.
    On the second half coming back to to the car park, there’s a large part of it taped off as well.

    Personally I won’t be going back there for a while until it’s had a chance to dry out.


    Was there Sunday and agree that it needs a rest! Lots of closed sections, some areas that looked like it hadn’t rained much, and lots and lots that was reminiscent of the Swinley of old 🙂

    Ah, how I miss those days, where you expected a two hour slog and most of the time that’s exactly what you got!

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    I live about 10 mins ride from the lower star post and just CBA riding there at the moment.

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    This is the problem with the new trails touted as a trail centre. It just doesn’t have the elevation to let it drain away enough, but people expect to be able to ride it in all weathers. Used to hold up ok as people would see it was a mess and lay off it for a bit while it dried but now it gets a hammering. Still keeps Rowan and co in business as I bet they will be there a while doing maintenance!


    Was just looking at the BOB page and found this, holy sheet, I’m glad tank traps is closed as my reaction times are awful at the moment!

    Is that a dog or a rider determined not to ride round the puddles?

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