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  • Swinley best route ( for fun bits) ?
  • I’ve been thinking about this recently as too many sections – red and blue – are just plain dull. Used to know my way round fairly well before the changes but have become quite disoriented by some parts since.

    Premier Icon ChrisI

    Depending on how long you want to be out, my favorite route goes something like this:

    Blue first half > Red section 1 > take a left down the fire road, up the hill and down the other side, swing tight right as soon as you are at the bottom (almost back on yourself) and back up to Jump Gulley (do a few laps) > then from top of Jump Gulley round the back of the hill and on up to Red 15 (I think) > follow the rest of Red all the way back.

    You miss out Seagul Run, but also a load of other boring bits too. Makes for a nice ride for about 1hr.

    Loads more cheeky trails to be had but they are hidden fairly well now.


    If you really wanted you could miss out the western arm of the red. The section with seagull etc in is probably the weakest part of the trail.

    Ie go straight from tank traps past the gully to the reservoir.

    Personally I think you should do it all for fitness !!!

    Can anyone recommend a route with section numbers of where to chop and change from the blus to the red, which will help us find the best bits? I’ve ridden it before but don’t think I could find my way back to the jump gulley or Babymaker (if that’s what it’s called?) Also, what time does the car park shut, and is there anywhere to park if you get there later and don’t want to get locked in? Cheers.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    As ChrisL but a slightly quicker/shorter cut through is :

    Blue to Red 1 (Tank traps)
    Left at fire road
    First right
    First left takes you back onto the Red between 11 & 12
    Left at the end of that (post 12) to jump gulley for a bit then back onto the red
    If you go past the top of the Deerstalker (20) there are a couple of other runs down the hill (original Labyrinth, Babymaker etc.)

    + much cheekiness, some of which is now turning into a bracken slash fest.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    On the official trails you’ll get all the best bits by just following the trail beginning to end, following the signs, and switch from blue to red at end of Stickler and into Tank Traps. Makes it a figure 8 loop. There is only one route really.

    And yeah you could short cut bits. As said Seagull end is a bit rubbish so you could cut that out. After Tank Traps it goes down the fire road and to the right but instead keep going to the star post and look for red sign post off to the left.

    You’ll see the jump gully on the way further on the red and later you’ll be at the top of clubhouse to go down deerstalker which is at the top of the so called dh trails too if you optionally want those. I don’t know the section numbers off hand.

    Cheeky stuff is another matter, and then there’s Crowthorne but that’s hard to describe.

    Car park – once you’re in you can get out any time after it’s closed.

    Premier Icon ChrisI

    Good change to my little route, I’ll try that next time. I thought that first fire road on the right (then going left) would bring us out at the top of Jump Gulley. The reason we used to go straight up to man hole cover was there was a nice little descent down to Jump Gulley but its been blocked off now.

    Cheers guys. Nice to know we won’t get locked in so will have some time to explore it all. Should be fun.

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