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  • Premier Icon weeksy

    Happy days, you see that big hill just to your south at Blewbury, I’m just the other side of that. Loads of riding groups round here, Mon, Tue and wed evening for example.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Just a few happy words from me.
    I’ve been a born again cyclist since just under two years ago when I got a hybrid to commute and have fun on. I lost a couple of stone inside a few weeks and generally became healthier. And I was having fun.
    A mate at work kept trying to persuade me to get a mountainbike but I didn’t really see the benefit for me even on the mixed surface 12.5 mile commute I do.
    Finally at Easter I gave in and Paul’s Cycles delivered me a full susser at 8am on Good Friday. Since that day I’ve found it almost impossible to want to ride the hybrid for anything other than a blast down town to the shops.
    All good and I was fully into my blasting along and up and down the Ridgeway.
    Now I’m all blown away again after two consecutive Thursdays at Swinley Forest.
    How fun is that? It’s free, has good facilities and mid week isn’t too crowded.
    I am totally amazed that this was done and is so well maintained. It’s like I’ve discovered riding all over again and all I do now is plan when I can get over there next. I move into Didcot soon so a quick train trip and I’m there without a 12 mile ride in and out.

    Like I said way back at the start of this, just some happy words.


    Swinleys fun – dont let the rad to gnar crowd or the back in my day mob try to convince you otherwise.

    … But Swinley used to be beautiful.

    having fun

    You could have stopped there! Good, isn’t it? 🙂


    I’m totally with you – had a blast round the blue this morning with my lad (who loves it there), returning tomorrow for some quicker blue-red-blue action. Can’t wait.
    And I have to drive 45 mins to get there!

    Premier Icon bigad40

    It’s a great place to get started.
    My kids dig the park and flat tracks.
    Everyone is happy.

    Depending on your location there’s some brilliant stuff inside the M25.


    It’s over an hour for me, and I go quite often

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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