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  • Premier Icon fadda

    I have a remarkably similar choice between a c456 and a cube stereo 29er.

    I sometimes struggle to choose which one to take.

    Nice to be so lucky, innit!

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Just been out on my C456 after a few rides on the (29er) Buzzard. It was great – felt like a BMX, really nippy. A new steep, slow, nadgery tech section that was tricky on the Buzzard felt peasy (admittedly, partly due to narrower bars on the 456).

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one’s better than the other. Actually, what I’m saying is it’s great to have both and be able to swap between them. They both have strengths and riding one then the other helps you to appreciate both of them.

    God, I’m a lucky sod.

    Three cheers for great bikes (and, yes, a choice of wheel sizes)!

    Premier Icon mattjg

    @cheez I hear top riders swear by 650b on a C456.


    C456 and spicy 516 here.

    love the choice!

    Premier Icon jamesgarbett

    Only have room for 1 bike here – wonder if I should ditch the c456 for a 29er?


    do you like marketing hype and do you want to ride a barn gate that will roll over everything but wont turn very easily?
    If yes get a 29 er and be the envy of all your friends

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Lol ^^. James absolutely. Look for short chainstays if you want agility.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Got my Mega set up as less of a DH sledge and more AM, and it is a hoot to ride. Stiff, direct, sharp, flickable.

    Very different to the Ventana El Cap, which is a big barge. although for miles and miles and smoothing out stutters and bumps, the big wheeler really can’t be beat.

    Cross bike is super direct and fun, but really is alarmingly terrifying on anything remotely technical!

    Ain’t bikes fantastic! Brilliaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! 😀

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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