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  • swimming in lakes, rivers etc
  • Premier Icon iDave
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    anyone know places in the staffs/derbys/shrops areas where i can swim around a bit in a wetsuit? cheeky/unofficial is acceptable.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars
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    A bit further afield is Hatchmere…

    (the Lake in the middle of Delamere is nice.)

    Have a look here?

    Premier Icon meehaja
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    seem to remember dovedale was popular? Though I was a kid last time I went there.

    I prefer moving water to still, as it tends to be less stinky or with flat water, go big (lakes rather than ponds/canals).

    Don’t want to put a horrible image in your mind, but on hot, long day rides I’ll often strip off and have a nice swim mid ride to cool down!

    Premier Icon grum
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    ‘Wild swimming’ aka ‘swimming’

    I never realised I was ‘wild swimming’ when I was a kid.

    Premier Icon surfer
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    It would appear that I was also “wild” swimming when I was a kid and I learned the other day that I am a “minimalist” runner as oppose to a “runner” I am occasionally a “trail” runner when I now run on the paths and fields that I have ran for the last 30 yrs!

    Oh well it all sells gear and mags

    Sorry about the lame rant and hope you find somewhere good to “swim”

    Premier Icon iDave
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    its all swimming/running/biking to me. I know an amazing place near the top of the horseshoe pass were I took my kids swimming a few times but it needs a bit of warm weather.

    might try a canoe slalom bit of my local river as a swimmy treadmill thing

    Premier Icon velocipede
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    Be careful out there!

    Hatchmere Lake is a known danger spot – although a couple of my mates swim there it is not recommended – there have been several drownings (inc one in the last 18 months or so) in Hatchmere due to the unusually long weeds that grow there – basically gets tangled in your legs and you’re in big trouble. Find somewhere that’s a bit “clearer” if you can…..

    Premier Icon tracknicko
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    derwent, ewden, strines, ladybower, damflask, broomhead etc.

    all regularly swam by my associates (not me as i’m a big girls blouse)

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Once chatted to a guy at 11pm who was about to swim the length of Windermere (we were camping on the jetty at fell foot), his suppourt was his 8.5month pregnant wife following in a Kayak (no need for a spray-skirt-thingy!) god knows what the contingency plan was if it came early, maybe he’d tow her to shore?

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer
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    Find somewhere a bit dodgy that will attract complaints, we can all see if you make it onto the tail end of tonights news. Naked would be best if it’s warm enough 🙂

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