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  • Sweary Northerners ride again
  • Premier Icon ton

    jimbob……..you bastid………. 😉


    Whats the track playing for the first part of the vid?

    The Herbaliser – ‘Who’s the Realist’


    quality vid as usual


    So what was wrong with the Mega, then?

    Thought I’d break protocol and post my own vid before Ton(y) gets chance 😉
    Features the lads on’t moors above Sheffield (plus an honorary Southerner!)
    A stop/start kind of ride, but fun nevertheless.
    Prudish viewers may find cause to blush, harrumph or tut.



    Cool, I’ll check that out 😉

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Surely it should be token Southerner ?

    It’s hard to believe it’s the same group as in Chamonix, how did you all become so cr@p 😐


    Quality vid. I hope the swearing at the end was put in to annoy the haters.

    Oh and why is the Mega shite?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    good job the crank arm fell off before he dropped off a rock, really.


    The sweary to skillz/comedy ratio a bit off kilter in this one. Not a hater by any means


    the choice was less of the usual and bit more climbing scenario as at the end of the day its part of the riding eh..
    windy muddy day made it hard work,

    glad my crank arm feel off before doing the drop,it came off twice but managed to meet up later to ride a bit more.

    nowt wrong with the mega at all ive been riding one over a year a bang on bike,just me shifting my seriously unfit fat arse blaming it on the bike haha.



    weer wo that filmed lads ?

    I appreciate the vid, cheers Sdp, looks very windy! This is what I like about your vids is that they’re REAL!!! Yeah you guys aren’t pros! But yer not saying u are! U are good riders though! Especially the guy with the yellow bike!
    I think there’s too many poncy middle class toffee nose tits that only ride manicured downhill style trails while getting an erection watching pro vids that are riding same easy smooth arse berm baby berm track as fast as they can! That’s not mountain biking in my eyes… That’s bmx’in….u guys are real mountain bikers!! Hallifuckinluyah! 😆

    Premier Icon tricky dicky

    Watch another of their vids- Hardtail – top quality

    Mucky bird – carpet burns – awesome

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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