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    My mate witnessed a minor sweary police incident on saturday; coming out of a football game the crowd was being sent back to the tube station in chunks with a police line letting them through bit by bit. In front of them a group of friends got split by the police with some held back and a couple let through. So the two let through stopped to wait for the rest of their group only to be told by one of the coppers to “f*ck off to the station or I’ll arrest you” When they ignored him he turned round and repeated the comment.

    Fortunately one of the other coppers stepped in and had a not too quiet word with his colleague. I know football crowds can be baying mobs at times but can you imagine the next thing that would happen if he had carried out the threat? One bad apple spoils the barrel, I reckon the police do a fine job in general but they do seem to attract a fair proportion of plain dickheads.


    They attract a proportion of people wanting power. I know of at least one PCSO that likes to pretend he is something considerably more important.

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    I have a friend who is a senior fire officer. He drives his own car but has a blue light to use if he’s off to a big job – one of those megnatic ones on a curly wire which he plonks on the roof. He has on occasion switched it on whilst its been on the dash if he’s seen some particularly bad driving to put the frighteners on people. I’m not sure he’d go as far as stopping someone, but I wouldn’t 100% put it hast him!

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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