Swapping the van for a car…

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  • Swapping the van for a car…
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    Bucking the trend. I have a T5.1 camper, 45k on the clock…but having owned it for a year, we are simply not using it like we hoped.

    It doesn’t help that my wife works shifts as a nurse, I have a lad who plays Sunday football, a daughter that goes to dance classes…you get the picture.

    Looking at selling van and having either an Octavia VRS estate, or Focus ST estate.

    Any other sporty estates I should be looking at? Budget about £20k, don’t want a PCP…would like no older than 2 years and as low mileage as poss….

    b r
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    Mmmmm. This is nice, loads posher than the other two, but a bit slower…


    Blimey. I’m going the other way round.

    I have ordered a VW Cali for next March and pulled the short straw with the Wife so losing my “beloved” Volvo V70 estate. Sadly no good for you as its a 1560cc diesel (60mpg and £30VED!)


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    5 series?

    Read his criteria… won’t get an equal 5 series performance wise for all that!

    I miss my car 🙁

    I saw a small practical looking Volvo today that looked like an Audi if that’s any help – although probably not..

    I should add that the Volvo did look very nice, as do Audi’s, which was the main reason I looked at it.


    I recently got a brand new Focus and I would LOVE to own the ST version. I have the lowest powered diesel but it’s still a joy to drive and built very well. It handles better than any car I’ve driven so far.
    The top of the range Focus’s look great as well – a ST or Titaniium X with nice wheels would be very nice.
    A Mondeo Titanium X in red or blue also looks fantastic.
    Also you don’t see as many of the top end Fords around (badge snobbery) so they are now quite unusual. A much wiser choice than the boring VAG group cars IMHO.

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    Octavia a bit bigger, Focus a tiny bit faster.


    Whichever you get the better deal on.


    I went from van to Volvo V70. T5 then Merc Vito and now car. I miss my van, just so damn practical, but neither vans did 50+mpg. On a plus side I can go to the tip now whenever I want. On the down side you can’t get five bikes and a kayak on/in a car.

    I do miss my van……….heavy sigh.

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