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  • SWAP – my NEW 18.5″ 2009 Trek fuel EX8 for 19.5″
  • toddski

    Hello all. I’ve posted this request before, and had many helpful responses, but not resulting in a swap. So I’m persisting…

    I wonder if anyone out there has made a similar mistake to me, but wants to swap their 2009 Ex8 19.5″ for my 18.5″? In Root Beer would be a bonus!

    I’m 6’1″ and thought the 18.5″ would be the correct size for me, but it’s not.

    We would be helping each other out massively, and would not have to take a second-hand sale price loss to get our ideal ride.

    I bought the new 2009 Ex8 in Root Beer in Dec 2008, and very quickly realised that it is too small for me.

    It’s been ridden on 3 short gentle rides for no more than 20 miles and is still effectively in pristine condition. It’s been muddied, and cleaned and lubed thoroughly after each ride. Before riding the first time I changed the cassette, chain and tyres, so they are still as brand new and unused.

    There’s a tiny bit of cable rub in 3 places though, so it is not as showroom brand new condition, and therefore unfortunately cannot be exchanged with the retailer.

    I have the receipt with my name and address on it dated 19/12/08, and the frame number is already registered with Trek.

    The bike will be the full standard spec and no parts have been downgraded at all.

    Is there anyone out there that can help me out of my very expensive mistake?!

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    just wondering how it seems too big, i’m 6ft 2 and my 18.5 ex8 fits perfectly, i certain wouldn’t want anything bigger, sorry this doesn’t help you, but was just puzzled



    I clearly understand that this is not you might be looking for but would you consider swapping your frame for a Giant Trance X0 20 inch frame in a very good condition with a stock RP23 shock? I’m 6′ and it seems just slightly big for me. They are sure different bikes but being compared pretty often and are similar in terms of travel, weight, geometry and intended purpose.

    If interested please email to andrew (dot) evteev (at) gmail (dot) com.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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