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  • SW Trains cause guards strikes again
  • Seems the management have remembered differently to the union what was agreed last time.

    27 days of train strikes in December – basically running on Thursday 12th only.

    Now do I spend over £650 on next months train ticket and hope to get it back in compensation or learn to commute by microlight into central London?

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    Why are they running on the 12th? Is that the date of the RMT Christmas lunch in town?


    can’t you charter a train you cheapskate.

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    Mick Cash is having a day out at the seaside.

    I don’t know but when last nights train was delayed by 1/2 an hour the guard to plenty of time to explain to all customers that SWT have a Delay-Repay website where you can get compensation if your train is over 15 minutes late arriving.

    He even suggested taking a photo of the arrivals board so we didn’t forget.

    This was message repeated at every station where we were more than 15 minutes late.

    If the management remove all the guards then who would be able to help the customers with this information and encourage the use of this great SWT website?


    Another reason people don’t use public transport?


    Most of the comments on BBC News are along the lines of “This is why you don’t vote Labour”.

    What am I missing here? What’s the thinking behind the idea that workers are more likely to strike under a Labour government? To me it seems to be the opposite – Labour are keener on workers rights and on top of that, we’ve had a Conservative government for the last decade.

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    Add it to the other thread then.

    That said, staff being helpful like that is a good thing.

    Woo woo, £4.08 being transferred to my bank


    Having a safety trained member of staff as well as the driver is important, the strike is about who closes the doors as far as i know, driver closure is a lot faster, and the job of the guard can involve ticket checks and sales as well as being a visible presence, to vulnerable persons.


    Just use your time machine, SWT hasn’t operated since 19 August 2017.

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    Virgin refunded our tickets automatically last week, no need for human intervention. Although the ticket inspector was a decent human being, the guy in the next seat didn’t have the right email for his internet ticket, the guard gave him a chance to find the right email, the guy was genuine enough and rang a number of people to try and get the right email whilst the guard was away. When he came back he polutely warned the guy he should charge him a penalty fare but didn’t. Shame Virgin will cease to exist soon due to DfT politics.

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    That’s nothing to do with Virgin and everything to do with that specific staff member. Jobsworths everywhere.

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    Its South Western Railway (SWR) and frankly Mick Cash and his merry (irony here as I don’t think that man has ever smiled in his life) men have been working up to this one since they took over the franchise starting with their announcement of industrial action regarding the new trains that can be driver-only operated…

    …they announced that the industrial action would be starting a good two years before the trains were due to be delivered.

    The strike is for all December except for the 12th as that’s the day of the General Election and the RMT don’t want to be blamed for Corbyn losing the election meaning that the railway won’t be renationalised and the glorious proletariat can finally unshackle themselves of the chains of the bourgeois imperialist management and finally move forward as one to a glorious future in our new socialist utopia the cause of people not being able to get out to vote.

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