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  • Premier Icon neil853

    There’s two trails apparently, a blue and a red. Red opens at the end of the month i think, nice shop there too


    Im working In Felixkirk every day for past 2 months ,no time to ride though i work 9am till 11pm :evil:i am going to check it out though somehow ?


    Yeh They’re getting there with the trails,I think the blue “fort Trail” is now open, still plenty of natural stuff around too, best if you head north or East out of the centre.

    Anyone know anything about the alleged trail centre at Sutton Bank? It was apparently in the last issue of MBR. Mate keeps rumbling about it, but google knows nothing Jon Snow.

    Thanks chaps. Might have to go have a look round / chat to the Sutton Bank Bikes guys some time.

    Its just down from me and I ride there a few times a week,

    The blue and green trails are pretty basic family trails and a fair bit of it are closed.

    I haven’t seen anything relating to a red trail,

    There are some really trails about but natural trails, a quick explore on strava will show you where locals go. If you want more help drop me a message.

    The shop isn’t open a lot, I think just weekends. Its Pace/Dalby Bike Barn that own it.

    Cheers Shep, I may just take you up on that. Won’t be for a few weeks but a proper explore on some natural stuff would be grand.

    Premier Icon neil853

    Shep I’d also be interested in a littler guidance around that area, even though I’m from just up the road I haven’t ridden there much at all. I’d bring cake 🙂


    I’ve been there a couple of times earlier this year, as shep says, the built stuff didn’t appear to amount to much and was more family like trail (might be more now), but I’m not complaining about anyones efforts to provide purpose built mtb trail. However, plenty of trad stuff to go at as well, to make some worthwhile rides from the main car park/centre. The guys in the bike shop were very helpful re routes (might have been Mr Pace Bikes himself who highlighted a route for us).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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