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  • Sustrans C2C, with some off road bits.
  • Premier Icon buck53

    This is going to be a bit vague and fuzzy, sorry.

    If I remember there is an off road option around Whinlatter. What this actually involves and if it’s any good, I can’t remember as I did it completely on road.

    If nothing else then the first two or three sections of the blue trail at Whinlatter pop you back out on the pass, it would only be a quick blast and possibly not in keeping with the spirit of the thing, but there you go.

    IIRC the Old Coach Road is the last ‘official’ off road option.


    Greystoke in day 1 will be easy. If you get in early enough you could always go down to Pooley bridge & do the ullswater single track but it’s not really on the route.

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Hi folks. Apologies if some of this has been covered before, I’ve done a fair bit of searching and found a few bits and pieces but not quite what I’m after…

    Three of us are doing the Sustrans C2C route in September. We ideally wanted to do the more southerly off road route but only have three days available and it’s just a little too far for the time we have. I’ve personally done the road based sustrans route a couple of times before and I know it’s pretty easy to cover in three days, so I’m looking to see if there are any decent off-road sections we can insert into the route to make things a bit more interesting for three pretty competent MTBers.

    I’ve read about the optional Old Coach Road section. Any other similar bits we can insert to make things interesting? Ideally whilst making progress in more or less the right direction, rather than stopping to do a fun circular trail.

    Planned overnight stops are Greystoke and Rookhope. Day 3 is probably fine as it is as it’s a leisurely coast down the Waskerly Way for an early-ish finish.

    Any tips or experiences welcome!

    Premier Icon charliemort

    the off road bits I remember are Whinlatter, Coach Road and a bit before that around some prehistoric stone mound, off road up the big hill in the middle, then up to the top of the moors and along and down towards the end (nice and vague)

    it’s all on the c2c map

    Depending on timings you could do definitely a loop at Whinlatter ( as its on the way past before tackling the old coach road after Keswick. As you hit the Hartside ascent on day 2 there is a loose off road climb to attempt. Day 3 has the off road ascent up from Rookhope (rather than along to Stanhope). All looks to be ascending!

    have you seen these?


    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Whinlatter gives obvious options.

    Alternative to the Old Coach Road is to go round the north of Skiddaw, up Dash to Skiddaw house and down to Mosedale or Thelkeld.

    Past Penrith, you can divert to the south and head up Cross Fell. Descent to Garrigill is very gradual and goes on for miles, and miles, and miles…

    From Nenthead/Coalcleugh, the bridleway north of route 7, down Isaacs Tea Trail towards Allendale town is a good blast if its not too wet, but then you’ve got to divert south back towards the C2C.

    From Rookhope, once you’ve got up the hill, I’d completley recomend getting onto the top of Bolts Law and following the bridleway north-east over Buckshott Fell all the way down to Edmundbyers, then following the lanes back to Castleside.

    Then to be honest, for good riding, turn around and head back to the west coast…

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Excellent, thanks. We should have plenty of time, so a little loop here and there could be factored in.

    I’d forgotten about the c2c-guide off road sections page, ta!

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