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    1st things 1st…are they set up correctly? Right air pressure/sag etc?
    Are you using full travel?


    Assuming they are set up correctly but you still don’t get along with them then I’d go for 120mm Rockshox Recon’s (don’t get poploc as it’s pants) as anything else would be over investment on a bike at this price point.

    Anything above 120mm would no doubt adversely effect the geometry, especially on climbs.


    Hi guys, I currently have a cannondale trail SL 5 2010 – and am looking to get some new forks, but I dont really know where to start!

    The forks that came with it give my hands an absolute pounding on rocky terrain so thinking an upgrade would help. The bike came with 100mm travel forks so would i be right in thinking I should probably not look to go any bigger than 120mm?

    Thanks in advance.



    Thanks guys. As far as I know they were setup correctly – they were RST GILA Pro 100s and the only adjustment on them was preload and locking (they are now broken since crashing yesterday also).

    Would 120mm definitely be ok? I cant find anything in the manual that suggests what is recommended for the frame.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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