Suspension forks as carry on.

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  • Suspension forks as carry on.
  • Hi, bit of a quick one as I’ll be flying back to UK later on.

    I left a pair of Pace RC40 forks as my brother’s house a few years back and think they’d go down a treat on one of my bikes, so want to bring them back with me.

    I’ve drained the oil out to lessen their weight and to remove the ‘hazardous’ component of them, but other than that is their any issues with taking suspension forks on an aircraft as carry on?

    I don’t really fancy putting them in my checked baggage it’s going to be awkward to get them in.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    taking suspension forks on an aircraft as carry on?

    I can’t imagine they’ll fit in your allowance very well (and I can very much imagine the security staff not liking the look of them.)

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    just shove them in a hold bag wrapped in your undies and fly with them in checked luggage – anything outsize they’ll want to do that with.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    I’d rather face a hijacker armed with nail scissors than one clubbing everyone with a pair of Pace forks (not that I’m implying you’re a hijacker, of course).

    So I don’t think you’ll get them through. Stick them in hold baggage if you can.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Security may easily decide they don’t like the look of them and refuse them, leaving you in a very difficult situation.

    Premier Icon andy4d

    Aer lingus made me put a badminton racket in the hold as they said it could be used as a weapon to hit people!!! Dont fancy your chances with forks.

    Cheers folks. In the luggage it is then!


    On the flip side, Air Malaysia let me through with a squash racquet and no one batted an eyelid.

    So still best off in the hold, as I’m pretty sure they make it up as they go along.


    Fully rigid suitcase checked in is your friend in those situations.

    Premier Icon v8ninety

    Surely it’ll be fine unless they are mistaken for bombers? 😳

    Whether they will or they won’t the risk is they will say no, then as mentioned above it very awkward for you. Hold is the right decision.

    They went in my luggage and we’re back in the UK now.


    Just pondedring this. Why do you have to check in your hold luggage before you get to security? If it was after you could take out anything like forks if they objected, pop them in the hold bag and carry on. Much harder when the hold bag is long gone into the depths of the airport.

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