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  • Suspension Fork Lube/Grease recommendations?
  • stevenieve

    Stendec Easy Glide, or a wipe down with a teflon based spray lube.


    I use Halfords own brand silicone spray, on the stanchions, compress the forks a couple of times, & wipe away the shite that the silicone pulls up from the wiper seals. ( Revelation RLT ).


    Can anyone recommend some grease or lube for front suspension forks? Just to give the once over after a muddy ride etc.

    I normally like finish line stuff, but not sure if they do one or not etc. Any recommendations received with thanks.



    I’ve just picked up the Stendec grease for rebuilding mine.

    For the outside i use silicone spray but will probably switch to just using some fork oil in future via syringe. Don’t use a GT85 spray as the solvents are bad for the seals.

    Wipe clean (including around the bridge)
    apply lube of choice
    pump a couple of times
    repeat until you stop getting dirt rings coming out of the seals.
    Then lube a bit more before putting it away.


    I have an old tube of Manitou Prep M lying around so I use that

    I simply have a piece of sponge coated in it and give the stanchions a quick wipe after every ride


    You need something with teflon in it so I use Finish Line DRY Lube.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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