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  • Survey : What are your plans for the autumn?
  • leftyboy
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    Needs an option for those is who are broken and won’t be fixed until next year!

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    And for those that aren’t fluent in gibberish? 😉

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    I am broken too my plans are to get fixed ASAP (but I realise, it might not be so quick!)

    So I plan to . . .

    visit folk I keep not getting around to seeing because I normally like to fill my calendar with bikepacking.

    make chutney – have been sent my first batch of obscure mega hot chillies from a friend – so will be getting the chutney pan out soon.

    sort out my house – and contemplate whether or not to buy it (would be a no brainer if it weren’t for the impending spinal fun)

    book a last min holiday for October if I can actually get away

    bake a lot, watch a lot of films, try not to get fat, learn to love sweating in my kitchen on my turbo

    jeez when you write it all down it sounds rubbish . . . .I just want to ride my bike 🙁

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    South of France….

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    Do a mooc?

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    Destroy my house for the better hopefully oh and ride a lot in between hopefully. I know which one will have to go first 👿

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    Uplifts, night riding and the odd day off riding.
    All of that to combine with more boarding sessions to get ready for the winter

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    Get depressed until March 🙁

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    Sell my flat and buy a house in Spain.

    Go and live there…

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    Perchypanther- maybe you need a light box. I use one from October to March 🙂

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    I’m with Perchy. Basically miss the daylight until spring and dream about hibernating.

    I have a lightbox and an alarm that mimics the sunrise. They are both good, but not as good as spring / summer 😐

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    I’m busy trying to negotiating with Mother Nature over evening rides – I’m bargaining with myself really – but 2-3 weeks I reckon till its all over.

    I’ve been window shopping for which gym is going bore me to death till March.

    Finally getting a garage soon, build myself a ‘workshop’ of sorts.

    The rest is a sort of surrender to it, watch TV, play computer games, moan about the lack of light and shit weather.

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    I start Uni again in about three weeks, so that’ll dominate my autumn……and winter….. and spring….

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    Paddle surf, just bought a new 5/3 steamer for the heavy winter swell (fingers crossed) 😀

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    Ride when possible, walk when I can’t ride, some wild camping, some beer in pubs with real fires.

    The SAD folk might like to reflect on those of us who work a lot of nights; in the winter we go to work in the dark, come home in the dark and basically never see daylight for weeks at a time.

    Get a grip people, accept the feeling and deal with it.

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    lol, don’t need to work nights, just come to Scotland, no daylight outside normal working hours for 2 months.

    And if its anything like this year no sunlight for 11months of the year. Last years SAD didn’t even wear off yet we’re headed back to the long dark again.

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    I’m going to get me a living room. A third winter without one is not going to happen.

    An alarming amount of stuff is being planned to deliver this outcome in the next few weeks, with an equally alarming lack of proportionate funds, but it’s going to happen!

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    Bit of camping now the midgies are on the back foot, then look forward to the snow. Plus move house.

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    Have a longer (still only 40k 😐 ) ride to do which I did not manage all summer. May be able to sneak in a few end of season days in Switzerland. Have to cut down stuff in storage, spending money storing things I won’t use again is daft.

    Sometime this aurumn I may actually build up another bike from bits I have had for years but I said the same in 2015

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    And for those that are not heading into autumn…

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    lol, don’t need to work nights, just come to Scotland, no daylight outside normal working hours for 2 months.

    Just like Northumberland then but it’s not an issue as you’re awake during the day not asleep.

    No changes to my plans as nothing does change enough to worry about it.

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    Well if autumn continues as it is now then lots of swimming in the local lakes to cool off! It’s warmer now than in high summer…34degs! Apart from that the cross season kicks off next month (8 or 9 race series this year) and we are going to be gutting the kitchen ready for a new one.

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    Broken here too. On the mend, but won’t be out biking till the end of autumn – november probably. Til then, light jobs on the house and virtually grinding up big Euro climbs on the turbot trainer.

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    Just like Northumberland then but it’s not an issue as you’re awake during the day not asleep.

    Pretty big issue when you work in an office with no windows.

    But back on topic:
    Raid Corsica at the end of the month, followed by ~10 days off, then ~10 days hard intervals and another short rest before Relentless (pair). Then probably the last round of the SMBO (Day/Night event 🙂 ) before taking end of season break and planning next year.

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    I’m planning to buy an ebike MTB so I can start riding regularly again.

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    The English Half Marathon on Sunday will round off summer quite nicely for me. I can then get back to running once or twice a week, more gym sessions in the evening and hopefully moving to a new, more interesting, better paid job.

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    I need to have a project, otherwise it’s going to be a very long autumn/winter, when it was virtually dark at 8pm last night I felt pretty depressed tbh…….

    I’ll mostly be going rallying and riding my new (to me) bike this autumn, but these dark nights really get to me.

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    get my cast off and a walking cast on.
    stick to my physio religiously.
    sample so fine real ales.
    continue to try and build my core strength.
    plan a cycle tour in norway next summer.
    tease my kids and grandkids.
    try not to be too much of a pain to live with through not riding.
    keep the black moods at bay by all the above.

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    New job with an hour drive commute instead of an hours cycling. Fortunately I can virtually see the new bike park being built from the office window and I know loads of trails in that neck of the woods.

    So plan to stay in town 2 nights a week mtbing instead of the road cycle commute I was doing.

    Happy days (hopefully).

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