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    We’ve got a Samsung tv and a Panasonic 5.1 surround sound set up running through the HDMI arc cable. The sound breaks down leaving it sounding “squelchy”. I can reset it by unplugging it all and leaving it switched off for 10-15mins, but it will at some point fail again. I’ve tried a different hdmi cable, no difference. I could run an optical cable which I did with the older tv, but ARC means we only have to use one controller. The optical meant you had to go into the Panasonic system first before accessing the tv content and you still controlled the volume via the Panasonic remote.
    Any ideas/solutions?

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    Being pessimistic it could be a simple non compatibility.

    It should all work together I know, but doesn’t always.

    I’ve had similar recently though not a sound problem.

    Ditch the HDMI and go optical. You’ll lose ARC as you say, but I think it will make your problem go away.

    It did on my Samsung/Onkyo set up.

    Why are you running ARC? is it because you don’t have a set top box for your normal TV so want to return the sound? If not and you do have a set top box (Sky, BT etc) then try a different non-ARC HDMI socket. I’ve had issues with the ARC socket before – i’ve never really got into the dark art of ARC as i’ve never really needed it, but have had issues when just using it as a normal HDMI input.

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    I’ll try running the optical and see if that cures it. The beauty of running the arc is the one control, not having to mess about with the cinema menu (it auto loads and can’t be deactivated).
    No digital box, just the tv and the home cinema.

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    So it’s now running the optical cable and it seems much happier. Bizarrely and I don’t know how, I can still use the tv remote to control the volume. Odd considering the old set up wouldn’t do that 😕

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