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  • TurnerGuy

    They will walk up the trails because they can…


    About 5 years ago I found a hunt coming up BKB – that was a surprise, together with loads of trucks on the roads with wonderfully shouty drivers.


    I always thought that all of the Hurtwood was open access and so people could walk and ride any paths they liked unless it stated otherwise (there are one or two marked footpaths).

    I think most of the local walkers avoid the trails and generally stick to the fire roads. There is nothing to let people know that the some of the trails are mainly for cycling and I`ve come cross people walking up Telegraph, Yoghurt Pots and 20 or so ramblers wandering down BKB on one ocassion, but hey thats all part of open access.


    Like is says on the Hurtwood website…


    As more and more riders discover the Hurtwood is a great place to ride, the Friends of the Hurtwood have developed a CODE OF CONDUCT.

    Below is a short list of advice that ensures you, and the others around you, have a great time taking in the ‘air & exercise’:

    * Only cycle at speeds safe for the trail ahead. You don’t know what is around the next corner. Please be aware that dogs are allowed to exercise freely, without leads, on The Hurtwood.
    * Make sure your presence is known, by calling out a greeting if approaching walkers from the rear.
    * Always give way to horse riders and walkers.
    * Do not cycle in groups of more than 6.
    * Be respectful and courteous to other users.
    * Choose your route carefully, especially when the ground is wet, to minimise erosion.
    * Avoid harsh braking and skidding, thus reducing trail damage.
    * Riders must not create new trails, please use the existing network.
    * Make sure your bike is safe to ride and be prepared for emergencies.
    * Wear a helmet and use protective clothing.

    Piss walkers off and you’ll ruin it for everyone when they complain.


    Once upon a time at the beginning of YogPots I nearly ploughed into a dozen of old dears. It was one of those blind corners I committed to obliterate. Those old ladies were a bit scared after realising there are some lunatics bombing trails at speed.
    However to my good nature I pointed out to them it wasn’t very safe place to walk on that particular trail due to mtb traffic at which point we exchanged heartfull cheers and parted company in good spirits.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Pretty much anywhere that isn’t a trail centre will have walkers on it. Accept it. Stop, follow the rules and be courteous. Never dish out abuse and when you get it take it on the chin!

    What shortcut said.

    This thread should be changed to “Surrey Hills W@nker rant”.

    Well done scott bring it back down to it’s normal level for this forum, even after I held my hands up you feel the need to resort to comments like that!!


    I bet you that 99% of riders on Telegraph would not expect walkers to be on it, I wouldn’t.
    Barry Knows Best even more so.
    Saying that, neither trails are so fast that you wouldn’t be able to stop in time.
    How about some fellow biker solidarity? I know what you’re saying lockrobnkel (catchy name by the way 😕 )

    I agree – I’d not expect to see riders on those trails – that said – I did take Mrs FRC on a walk along Summer Lightning – to show her what hubby does when he’s out mtbing. We did encounter some cyclists – and I apologised for being on the trail – but they were OK with it – and all was smiles 🙂

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    Although you may be surprised that walkers are on a trail it doesn’t stop your obligation to give way! We are at the bottom of the pecking order walkers and horse riders are higher. There are no signs saying it is a biker trail so people will use it!

    Give way or give up riding!

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