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  • Surrey hills shore?
  • Ewan

    I see no one noticed the ‘very early next month’…. 8)


    Bit too subtle eh Ewan?

    The general idea with Hurtwood is to make what there is work better and be more sustainable. What is not going to happen is anything that will transform the place into something else – like a trail centre for example.

    The style of riding is going to be the same – woodsy singletrack plus the extensive network of linking fire roads and other bridleways, rather than high adrenaline freeride/jumps/downhill elements.

    As far as I know anyway.

    mikey74 (and everyone else) you can help out by becoming a ‘Friend’ of the Hurtwood and paying an annual donation to keep things going for all users of the Hurtwood. Visit the Hurtwood Websiteand click on the big Become a friend of the Hurtwood button. You can now pay in many ways online including Paypal.

    I notice plenty of current friends already posting in the topic…

    ewan – aha. start of next month. So April 1st. lol. Got there eventually.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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