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  • gee

    Very dry over there. Unless it’s actually raining on the day you’ll be fine.

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Until the rain in past 36 hours things were very dry and running very well and fast (albeit I have been riding outside the normal SH areas). I am just about to switch from nobbys that I have run all winter to RRalphs as a result. Can’t imagine any main runs are that slippy to worry about tire choice.

    Have fun. Riding with Jess?

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Got a day booked tomorrow for a skill session and guided ride.

    Rear tyre on the bike I’m taking is a lightly treaded summer thing and wondering with the last few days rain if this is going to be bitey enough. Havent ridden up that way for a couple of years and cannot tecall how waterproof the trails are.

    Got a nobby nic up front running tubeless and got the following tyres I can use with a spot of swapping….

    Spec Storm Control 2.0
    Rubber Queen – cheapo wired one usually on rigid ss
    Mountain King – the old tyre not the new one people generally like

    Bike is a 456 ie hardtail.

    Any guidance appreciated. If I hadnt shelled out on tuition i would take my chances but want to get the most out of it and not be a pita to strangers by sliding unneccesarily off into the undergrowth every 5minutes.


    Premier Icon mattjg

    Any medium-wide XC tyre wil do the job. Have a good one.


    I’m running Nobby Nic/Racing Ralph combo just now and it’s fine.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Thanks. One less thing to sort tonight by sounds of it.

    Not sure who the instructor is but its singletrackschool who are running the course. Looking forward to unlearing a few bad habits and learning something new.

    Just got to remember to set the alarm for the morning.


    Just got back – fair bit of rain today and its a bit greasy in places and some trails were err… fun but ridable – really loose and fun infact .. id sugest that your coach will know the right places to take you though – for me NN and MK at the back

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    I was out today and yesterday. Friday was fabulous – dry and dusty in the early morning. Today with some overnight rain made the trails a little greasy in places. It’s raining a little now but the trails are essentially in great condition. Hard packed with very little rain. Nobbly Nics were fine for 30miles this morning.


    Running dry today. You should be fine with what you got.

    Personally, I like a minion 2.35 supertacky front and a high roller 2.35 60a on the back.

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