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  • Surrey Hills Badger Hole – ALERT ALERT
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    I know the hole you speak of. I nearly broke my neck on it! Very inconsiderate of the badgers. I’ll be having words with Brian May to sort them out else I’ll tip off the local farmer.

    Premier Icon nickc

    you are the end of a bell, aren’t you?


    Quality of trolling these days is terrible. No imagination, or remotely funny or unique.


    HI All

    Heads up re the Surrey Hills, was riding down a well known trail and came across a Badgers hole!!!

    Now fortunately I had good vision and managed to jump the hole but others not so skilled may find this difficult.

    I have asked the badgers to be a little more considerate in the future and at least put signs up to say that they have done such terrible things to our beloved trails.

    Now I know this is only my 2nd post on this Forum but surely I am worthy of now posting on threads, After all I have a right to moan and groan and show off my keyboard skills with the best of them.

    This is a serious matter and the Ranger will be informed so that he can waste his time baby sitting us all to make sure that little Jonny doesn’t go home with a cut knee.

    PS Can’t wait for my 3rd post its so exciting to be part of this mindless brigade of do badders…. And yes I know I spelt it wrong just so you can find another thing to complain/moan about.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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