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    Size large singlespeed karate monkey with added extra’s of a Surly Tuggnut chain tensioner and some nice mango bits, big fat Geax Gato tyres and a charge spoon saddle

    I’ve owned this bike since September and in its time it has been very well looked after and has only been used to tow the kids trailer or for quick spins along the trans pennine trail. its in excellent condition, the only mark is where the decals on the non drive side top tube have peeled away. Other than that there really is nothing to say!

    £500 posted or £475 collected from Manchester.

    I’m amazed this hasn’t sold yet as these are a hoot to ride. I would definitely be keeping it but there’s a strict N=N rule in our house these days

    Email in profile.

    More pics available on request

    Autumn2012 016 by redmancunian69, on Flickr

    Premier Icon ryan_c

    Hi Russ
    Trying to reply to your email but for some reson gmail is saying that the same email address i initially emailed you on no longer exists?
    But basically yep i’ll take it. Could you email me back on my gmail to see if its working or text me on 07794257773
    Thanks RYan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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