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    With a heavy heart I’m selling my single speed Karate Monkey as I have a new 29er in the pipeline.

    I bought this bike just under 12 months ago and it has had a very easy life spending 90% of its time on the trans pennine trail (dull canal path type terrain). It’s a large and is currently built up as photographed below. The only thing that I will be swapping over is the Thomson stem as I am keeping that – and the pedals. It’s in very good condition and honestly the only mark I can find is the “karate monkey” decal on the non drive side top tube has been rubbed away by my fat knee, although the paintwork below is still pristine.

    It’s bog standard spec apart from the charge spoon saddle, on-one fleegle bars, the superstar mango bits (now including a mango Salsa seat post qr) and a Surly Tuggnut. Hopefully I will get some current pics of it in the next day or so but it’s still pretty much as pictured here.

    Price £550 posted o.n.o

    Autumn2012 017 by redmancunian69, on Flickr

    Bike is in Manchester if viewing requested


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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