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  • Surly Big Dummy – cheaply?
  • Hairychested

    Can anybody point me in the direction af a cheap, or very cheap, Big Dummy? I’m 5’7″ so probably S/M. 2nd hand could be good. 4th hand even better if really cheap.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Have you thought about getting a Yuba Mundo instead? Or an Xtracycle conversion?

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Kona Ute?


    Yuba and Kona, can they be used off-road? Can a rear disc be fitted?
    Where can I get just the frame?

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I’d say you were on a hiding to nothing looking for a cheap second hand Bummy anytime soon. Most of us who now have them waited for nearly a year, calling our LBS’s every couple of weeks until we finally got one. Sheffy went to California to bring one back. There are only a couple of dozen in the UK, tops I think. @In addition, the price of them new has gone up £150 for the frame since they first came. Sorry to just give you bad news, but unless anyone bought one, hates it and desperately needs some crack or a new kidney I think you’ll struggle to get one for much under new price.

    That said, as the others say, the Kona Ute is a decent bike and a lot cheaper. The Yuba is cheaper still. I think it’s right to say that the Yuba’s are sold to guys in Africa who don’t have a car more than to middle class hobbyists in the UK, so I reckon it’ll probably be alright for the sort of off-roading that you can do on a bike of that length and weight.

    The other thing to take seriosuly is the Xtracycle conversion. That let’s you convert your existing bike for about £400, and you aren’t stuck with it if you then don’t like it. I started off with an Xtracycle conversion while I was waiting for the dummy. It’s fine, really works well. The dummy is solider, but is not fundamentally better I don’t think.

    Hope that’s helpful


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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