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  • rocketman

    Always faintly surprised that the surf schools go out when it’s flat.

    Seems kinda sad to see all those Swell boards thrashing about in the white water, a bit like the other thread where people are paying to go on guided bike rides around trail centres.

    Aaaaaaaaaanyway…my choice would be 4)

    In that case, which board for falling off a lot that isn’t a swell board………


    Anything that extends your time on the waters good.

    You don’t really need the 1-2-1, a group session would be far better where you can go and bugger off and do your own practicing, with a bit of tuition of course..

    Have fun, get wet.


    I know the guys at the surf school near where you are and they are good instructors (and good people too).

    Personally I would go for a 1-2-1 session with an instructor or the lesson then hire option. You could easily sink £500 into a board and wetsuit only to find that you dont get out as much due to the lack of swell in this region or work commitments or looking at the sea on a freezing winters morning when its -5 and theres snow on the ground and thinking “**** that”.

    At least with a 1-2-1 lesson you will get some good time with an instructor who will be able to highlight flaws in your ability and help you progress or the option to hire a board after a lesson with minimal outlay.

    However if you do go for option 4, talk to Gary at Saltburn. Nice bloke who will be able to give out some excellent advice on board and wetsuit choices.


    which board for falling off a lot that isn’t a swell board

    Paging Surf-matt, paging Surf-matt…

    Missus has bought me surfing lessons for my birthday, yipeeeee 🙂

    Now many many years ago I could just about stand up and stay there, however I’ve probably lost what little tallent/luck I had by now.

    So I’ve 4 options:

    1) 2 hour 1-2-1 lesson

    2) 2 hours group lesson in the morning and an afternoons hire x2days (advantage being I could use a Swell/INT board to practice and not have to buy one then sell it)

    3) 4x 2 hour group lessons

    4) buy a board and a new wetsuit, practice, then take the lessons when I’ve got back to the same level of mediochrety I was at all those years ago and use the lessons to get past that?

    Living 2minutes form the surf school timing isn’t a problem, practice time is only limited by my other uses of non work time at the moment (which are eating, sleeping and riding bikes, lucky me!).

    So, surfers of STW, what would you do?


    Check out Takeoff Longboards, incredibly good vakue and very robust. Richard Carter (Redwood, Croyde) recommends them. If you can pop up then spend time in the water paddling, sitting and catching waves. A group session might provide some useful advice for getting up. Make sure you’re aware of the protocols re dropping in. Unfortunately I’ve always found the only way to get fit for surfing is through surfing. If you’re going to be in warmish waters, get a shortie wetsuit, they’re a lot easier on your arms.


    Option 4 and get yourself a nice 7.5′ mini mal to learn on. Not much point having lessons to teach you stuff you already kind know and just need to remember.


    Personally I would buy a swelly or a an eff off bic. Spend every spare hour surfing every thing from a gnats fart to gods own flatulence until you can stand up and bottom turn almost every time. By then you’ll know enough to make your own next move unguided.


    If i was starting again this would be my first board

    You’ll be catching waves in no time.

    Hire a board for the day, see how you get on.

    Agree with scottidog.

    If you enjoy it (4), the buy a mini-mal and suit and get out. Maybe, tidy it all up with a few lessons later on in the year when the NE (Teeside) gets the swell. Make a w/e of it and head to scarborough.

    Mini-mals seem to sell on the 2nd market, if you don’t enjoy it.


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