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  • Superstars Brake pads.
  • Anyone used them??? Worth a try??

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    yes and yes – only ones i use. Stick with sintered this time of year and they last ages.

    Yup, they last as well as anything else I’ve used.

    Appart from the shimano ones where the spring wont fit arround the pad material requiring some sanding or running without a spring (makes a tinkling noise).

    Glazed over all my pads (including shimano OEM, superstar and ashima on holliday) so unless I buy some new XTR-trail ones for silly money I dont see anyone else making something worthwhile.

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    Heh. Light blue paper…

    I use them, they’ve been great and stood up to unreasonable abuse- if they’d given me grief at fort william I wouldn’t have held it against them but they didn’t even hiccup. Gone through about 8 sets of Kevlars now I think on XT and Formula Oros, and a couple of sintered- prefer the kevlars. Good performance, decent lifespan, cost buttons, a winner for me. Best allround pads I’ve used.

    But, quite a few people have had issues like bad pad fit, short life, and with the friction material coming off, which is bad… “It’s a bad batch” they say but you know it’s never a bad batch. Playing devil’s advocate I’ve had bad fit from Discobrakes, and I’ve had the friction material come off OEM Shimano pads, as far as I can tell it’s just something that happens.

    I suspect they work better in some brakes than others- most of the fit complaints are for Avid for instance.


    I use their Kevlar pads, good bite, and a good lifespan.


    I’m on their Kevlar pads and have had the same set in since may. Commute on it every day and some good miles on weekends plus some trail centre trips and a fortnight in Spain and they are as good as new – even in the current winter gloop. I’m astounded to be honest.

    sintered on xt m775 brakes, superb!

    lasting ALOT of gritty sandy peak’esque rides at the mo, no signs of wear, and unbelivably they are bloody silent! even when submerged in mud/wet well up to half a wheels length, a quick dab on the brakes and noise is gone! old brakepads and hopes ive had in the past used to squeal like no bodys business once they were wet and cold in the winter, and no matter how much i braked the noise never went!

    peaceful squeal free braking in the winter is a god send!

    so 10/10 for me for the sintered, the spring thing fits perfectly too, which sometimes is a huge problem if not quite the right size!


    I’ve got some in my XTs currently as an experiment. Good so far, and cheaper retail from superstar than I can buy brake pads trade, dammit.

    I think I’ll give them a try. Does anyone know what the shape code is for Avid Elixr 5.

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    Superstar kevlar pads are good. Used regularly in the grittiest horridest peak and s pennines conditions as well as on alps trips over by a whole bunch of us.

    I’ve just fitted the kevlar front & rear on my bike, something stupid like £18 for 4 sets. Only done 1 ride so far, wet & muddy on friday, and they sseemed fine, bedded in quite quickly.

    Got a friend who has used them for a while and he won’t use anything else.


    Anyone used them??? Worth a try??

    Anybody who’e been on the site since Nov ’09 will have seen this go round at least a couple of times.

    Lazy troll – working though!

    Fair enough Johnners. Only asking, you don”t keep a dog and bark yourself. 😉

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