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  • Superstar kevlar pads – $h1te in the wet?
  • *ducks for cover*

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    Why don't you e mail SSC to see what he says? I bet he blames you


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    I wonder if Tomdb can do an automatic octopus image post and thread close whenever SSC appears in the title? Would save some time.


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    I had an octopussy sald on sunday and christ I had way less of the stuff than that, but it took me the whole day to digest it…

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    Superstar pads just $h1te??

    I bedded them in properly and was pleased that on a first decent ride they were ace (on Avid Code 5s).

    Just back from a very wet ride in Brighton and they squealed like a banshee the whole time and basically didn't work – did I do something wrong?


    I bought some of these and ran them for the first time in the Lakes last weekend in very wet conditions and although they squealed (liek everyone's did) they performed well!

    Just for balance like… 🙂


    My SSC Kevlar ones would also appear to be lacking power. Had bedded them in and had a few biggish downhills the last of which the front brakes started making strange noises when applied. They have since lacked any sort of power, back to the sintered ones that I find very good.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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