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  • Superstar hubs
  • pondy

    Has anyone got wheels with superstar hubs, do they last well or just cheap and nasty? Currently have some hope pro2 with mavic 317 rims but after something abit stronger and have found some stans crest with superstar hubs, I think they are switch hubs? Do they take cartridge bearings?


    Yes they all take cartridge bearings, email superstar when you need new bearings and they’ll tell you the size needed for your hubs, they’re honest about the reasons they don’t keep a stock of bearings….basically you can source them elsewhere for cheaper….i’ve always found them helpful, when I snapped a spoke I emailed them, they replied promptly and I was then able to take that info to my LBS who repaired the wheel

    The basic Switch hubs are Novatec, they’re easily serviced at home, axle swaps are a doddle, several WC-DH teams use Novatec hubs and more and more bikes are coming with Novatec hubs as OEM kit.

    There have been teething troubles, the original Tesla hub was fragile, it has been superseded by the Tesla-evo which is great, swapping between axle standards is as easy as popping off end caps and clicking the right size ones one instead

    I have some basic Switch hubs on my HT that take the worst of the Welsh winter and uplift days to Antur, BPW, FoD etc and are still like new, my Tesla-evos are also running great and well over 12 months old with no rough running.

    I use Superstar’s wheel builder because the hubs work well and are a steal and then I can spec rims from DT, Mavic, Stans etc for a hard hitting set of AM wheels for significantly less than other sites offer….of course if you’re a label snob then hubs by DT, Chris King etc are available instead.

    Highly recommended, if on the off chance you get a shonky set of wheels your LBS will usually true them up for £10 per wheel so you’re still quids in, the economy of scale they work on is huge, I’ve always had great service and also have some road wheels from SS too.

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    Have got hope superstar switch and sram X0 hubs and the superstar ones seem to last the best followed by Hope then the Sram a poor third, and yes the bearings are cartridge in the switch hubs

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    I’ve got 2 sets of switch hub’d wheels and two sets of hope (xc and pro 2 evo).

    I think the ss hubs are great, only downer is they don’t sound as good as hope!


    I’ve had some tesla evo with wide Ryde rims since octoberish, pulled the caps off last week and they were spotless inside, way better sealing than hope and much quicker pick up. Spoke tension still good, I’m very impressed.


    I have a 3 year old set that are on my 4X bike, so have a rough time, and they are perfect.

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    Work fine here too, but if you’re at the ‘less athletic’ end of the scale you might be better with a steel freehub rather than an alloy


    Thread hack but I have some Superstar Carbon rims on their switch EVO hubs for sale….

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    Oh look another classifieds only user trying to get another sale……


    Had my ex-demo SS wheels for a couple of years now, I think they’re Switch hubs. First freebody cracked, they replaced it, second one crack they replaced it, third one cracked… They replaced it with a redesigned one and it’s been perfect. They must be 3 years old now. Apart from the freebodies, I’ve snapped a half dozen spokes and replaced the bearing once or twice. Pretty much the same as Hope Hoops, much better than some Fulcrums I had before.


    Can you rebuild your pro 2s into some wheels?


    A few sets here, all have work as well as Hopes. Like them and stacks of spares to sort them.

    Tesla evo here. Nearly 2 years and been faultless

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    Switch hubs on two bikes and Tesla Evo on the Alpine. The Switches have been faultless for about 3 years save for a couple of changes of bearings (which is quick and easy).

    Had an ‘old’ Tesla on the big bike originally but it exploded on me at Roych Clough after only a couple of months of riding (leading to some long pushes and non-pedaling downhills). Superstar replaced with an Evo no questions asked and that has been great so far (and it makes an ace noise!).


    Glad everyone is getting on with their superstar hubs, I have now brought the wheel set

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