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  • I need to replace my headset, My current one is a Cane Creek f3 I don’t want to spend a fortune so I I am looking at the Superstar Aerozine ones and the GTO Headset, does anyone on here have one and are they any good.


    I’ve been using an Aerozine headset (not acquired through SSC) on my hardtail for the last 15 months and it’s been fine. There have been tales of premature failures though.


    Wasn’t there a Superstar headset in one of the more recent ST magazines and it didn’t last long with the bearings collapsing iirc?


    probably decent but so are fsa ones and prob a similar price.


    yeah i have one. Really light, looks nicely made. Cant really comment on durability as haven’t use my bike an awful lot, but its about a year old, and is fine inside.


    Get a cane creek s8, can be had for similar money and look better


    I was considering the same a few weeks back but ended up going for a Ritchey WCS. You can get them from Merlin or off eBay new for around £21 – £23 delivered.

    Markenduro…Cane Creek S-8 looks like a good bet especially when its on offer for £25.99 from All Terrain Cycles. Thanks for that!

    Had one on one of my bikes. May as well have been made of MDF.

    Get something else.

    check the S8 that arrives is actualy an S8, i bought one of ebay, it said S8 on the packet, even the bearings were etched with CC logos, S8, part numbers etc.

    But it lasted about 3 months and CC didnt want anythig to do with it, aparnelty a few shops have been selling knock off’s, hence wy a £50 headset is going for £25 .

    Thanks for the heads up on the S8, did see one on ebay saying it had steal bearings not stainless steel so left be being a bit suspect. Also heard mixed reports about FSA not being very weatherproof.


    I’ve never had a problem with fsa and will never buy anything else, they do the job. i’m sure canecreek are a decent brand but have never used so shall not comment


    I bought a raceface deus for about £32.00 posted from here: when my old (cheap) canecreek one died a week ago – Im pretty chuffed with that, they have fsa headsets too if your a bit harder on stuff than me (It did take 2 years to kill my last headset)

    i’ve had no problems with

    FSA MX-pro (thinks that what its called, about £30-35)

    CC S3, very well made and good value

    CC C1, its on my road bike, and has been re-greased once in about 4 years use in all weathers, its probably due new bearigns next time as theyr a little rough.

    Got a sunline one to try out at some point, its made up of normal cartridge bearings so might not last exceptionaly, but will be cheep to replace.

    FSA/CC/THindustries are all the same company, you can google their catalogue. My only reason for going for the FSA MX was it looks better 🙂

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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